Petbharo’s Hydroponics Training – Disappointing!

This is regarding the Hydroponic training program from Petbharo Project I attended during the month of May 2009.  I had kept this aside for a long time. Since I am getting many queries regarding the training I thought  I will speak up. Here goes…

As I was very interested in Hydroponics I did a lot of homework and learnt a lot from the web. But to get a hands on and a complete understanding I decided to attend this training albeit its high training fee. I have been wanting to write a review about it and looks like the time has come now.

Details of the training.

Duration of the training: 3 days

Training Fee            : INR 10,000/-

Venue                   : Lalbagh.

The whole training is split into 3 sessions each spanning a day. The core of the training program is a DVD ( Hard to believe! but its true).

Long story short, the course turned out to be flop. Few reasons why it isn’t worth it is:

  • In the name of “Simplified hydroponics” they have simplified most of the training that the price paid 10K is simply not worth it. Many hydroponic systems were not discussed. Not even a working model. All they have is photographs and videos of some commercial hydroponic farm.
  • Training doesn’t focus on nutrient formula and making our own nutrients.
  • No Receipts/Invoices for any payment you make.

WARNING: This is a lengthy post and proceed if you have time ;-).

It all started when I gave a call to Petbharo to see if I can attend their training. As programmed, the receptionist or whoever comes up with the trick and says “Oh all the slots are full, gimme a call tomorrow, I will see if I can put you into some cancelled slot”. Surprisingly some one cancels and I get alloted on the first batch. After I joined I came to know that the first batch was not even full. How is that? Proceed there is more interesting stuff comin’ along.

Day 1:

Like other participants, I showed up a little early for the training program. There were few guys from other states as well. The training crew shows up late. And we all gather around asking for the agenda. We were not told about the agenda for a while. Then we all wait for the inaugural function by Lalbagh’s higher officials. It was already around 11 by then.  Then comes Lalbagh official who had given permission to Petbharo to conduct their training in Lalbagh. After a short speech we resume the class. We were served Tea in cups which would qualify for the size “by 2” (Folks in India need no explanation of what “by2”  is). There were some issues with setting up the microphone etc.Next we go to practical which was nothing but a detailed hands on session on how to make drill holes in Trays and Plastic buckets. We waste a good 2 hours there and the next 1 hour in filling it with CocoPeat. By now, few of us are already started to realize our valuable time getting wasted.( The training is on 3 working days!)

By noon, we were done with the drilling and all and were getting ready for lunch time. Did I tell you that they don’t provide lunch? Yeah thats true. No lunch. We had to go to some hotel outside lalbagh and every one took time to return and obviously at the expense of the later session. Being the month of May, sun was at its best and all of us were busy quenching our thirsts. And here comes the next surprise, they don’t provide water as well.  This annoyed several of us. We pay 10,000 and you are not provided with water? Helloooo?

All through the training program so far, few of us were asking about the Nutrients formula and composition etc. Somehow this information was kept a secret from us and infact the whole reason why I went for the training is to know this.

So far we had finished 1st day of 3 day program and trust me we hadn’t seen a single plant growing/yielding in hydroponics. The seedlings we were shown were grown in soil and plucked carelessly that most of them didn’t have roots.

Day 1, we finished 3 modules in DVD and a  question answer session with the Professor.The professor answered our questions well. But overall I was disappointed and so were the other attendees. We left home hoping that 2nd and 3rd day will be fruitful.

Day 2:

Day 2 starts with DVD again and at this point, we were really bored with the DVD. We were then taken out for a practical session “Mixing the nutrients” what should have been “Preparing the nutrients” since the formula is a Top secret and cannot be told to anyone unless they are ready to talk business.

We are shown different kinds of hydroponic medium and we all are asked to sow Lettuce, Marigold and seeds like that. This took another good 2 hours followed by a demonstration of how to mix the nutrients.

Coming to the nutrients ( will be called nutes from now), if you want it, you have to purchase it from Petbharo. And the worst part is, they dont sell them by weight. The quantity they sell is “the amount of nutes needed for a 20 sqmetre garden for an year” it amounts to Rs 8000 approx. This 8000 is apart from the Training fee( Incase you thought otherwise).

After taking the time to mix 3 drums of nutrients it was time for lunch. Once we came back from lunch we were shown the videos on how to make a raised bed for hydroponics. Few of us really got annoyed and the video got fast forwarded.

After the noon tea break on day 2, we pretty much didn’t have anything to do practical and were just wandering around lalbagh gardens near the training hall.

By now, I was convinced that my 10K was not justified.

Day 3

Having lost all the hope, we assembled on time for day 3. We watched the last 3 modules of DVD and other than that most of the day 3 was for advertisements for the people who sponsored. KELTech came and gave a talk for 45 mins. Another company that sells EC/pH meters took another hour. Then came a chemist who explained about water purification and took another hour. you do the math. At the end of the day, we had our certificates being handed over to all the individuals.

Few of us were interested in the nutes that they are making. I didn’t want an years supply for Rs 8000 hence I asked for 3 months supply.There was initial hesitation but a ‘yes’ came few minutes later. The next monday we all pay up Rs 2000 for the nutes. After nearly a month’s delay the nutes finally arrive. We were asked to come and collect it ourselves.

Myself and another friend of mine go to collect without knowing about that surprise that awaits us. Each of us are supposed to get 3 bags A, B and C. My supply didnt have B and C and my friends didnt have B. ‘A’ that was present in both of our supply was very less in quantity than what they had advertised.

All these chemicals were given in the cheapest polythene bag you can possibly imagine. When we were carrying it back from Lalbagh office to the parking lot the obvious thing happened. My friends bag broke and he was already drawing rangoli on the road without his knowledge.

We call the person and complain about this. We were told that they will provide the missing nutes and in a better bags. We again make a visit got the new bags that are supposed to have the right weights and this time I weighed the weight was still less than what they claimed. But I lost it. I didn’t go back.

All the while I didn’t mention about one thing, the Receipt. Yes, They didn’t give us the receipt for any of the payment we made. Not for the 10,000 and not for the 2000 either. Is it because anything goes in India and people wont bother about the bill?.

Few of the trainees had knowledge on gardening and some were newbies. The newbies got to know how to sow seeds and all that. But the
whole idea of Hydroponics was not inculcated. The training priced at 10K and their mission statement to solve the hunger problem don’t go well together.

No doubt, they covered the basics of hydroponic concepts and the professor who gave the talk was a  knowledgeable person. I am not denying that. But the expectations were not met.

In my humble opinion, I feel the training was not worth Rs 10,000 at all( may be 1/10th of it). There are many ways of learning hydroponics. Internet has exhaustive list of videos to help us learn and if you still want a training, you can buy the same DVD use for training at for a lesser price.

What I mentioned here is my opinion of the training, although many who attended the course along with me couldn’t agree more with me.


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69 comments to Petbharo’s Hydroponics Training – Disappointing!

  • Asha

    What an absolute disappointment this is, that too for 12K!
    Thanks for undertaking the painstakingly giving your experience. At least, there will be others who will not get fooled. Will pass on the word to a friend who was interested.
    Thank you!

    • Naveen


      It is really sad that people are so greedy that they are willing to stoop so low to earn a few rupees !!!

  • V. Srinivasan

    Dear GG,

    I have been following your blog for quite some time. Very interesting, I like the way you demonstrate. I was very keenly waiting for your review about hydroponic training. Your review will be very helpful to those who are contemplating to take training.

    Wish your great garden work continues.

    Good luck,

    V. Srinivasan

  • Sunil

    Hi GG,
    That’s very disappointing, It looks like there are lot of ppl/organization who is there only to mint money any possible way.
    I cant agree with you more that internet is best source of information.
    Thanks for let us know about such fraud organization.

  • Anil

    Should have realised that this is a CON JOB after seeing the price tag & the fancy marketing.

    anyway if anyone wants to start with Hydroponics is a good start

    you can buy the chemicals at
    Mysore fertiliser Co – 26708148 – near K.R.Market Bnagalore
    in front of Prakash Cafe ( us google map for route “Prakash Cafe Bangalore” should get you there )

    Last years price, should be arround the same price now

    Potassium nitrate – ~900Rs/25kg ( minium 25 kg bag )

    Calcium nitrate – ~700Rs/25kg ( minium 25 kg bag )
    this is HYGROSCOPIC so store in a airtight container.

    mono potassium phosphate – ~90Rs/kg box or 1700Rs/25kg bag

    Magnesium sulphate – ~8Rs/kg or 250Rs/50kg bag
    There are 2 grades, ask for the one ment for drip irrigation

    Copper sulphate – ~80Rs/Kg

    Manganese sulphate – ~30Rs/Kg

    Zinc sulphate – ~35Rs/kg

    Ammonium molybdate – ~300Rs/100gms

    Iron EDTA – 100Rs/250gms

    Ferrus sulphate – 10Rs/Kg – even though iron EDTA is preffered if the water PH is maintained acidic you can manage with this

    If you have HARD WATER ( like I do ) you can reduce Mg & Ca and experiment which ever gives better results.

    Sulphuric acid can be used to reduce PH.
    can be Banglore Acids & Chemicals ( 28374202 ) which is ~Rs 15 retail, & ~Rs 8 in bulk( 80kg +)

    If you are growing greens you can ad a bit of
    Ammonium Sulphate – 560Rs/50kg

  • Anil

    I have tried Nutrient formula from
    which works fine.

    PPM of 600 – 700 is good enough (even for tomato), I had OK results with tomato(red cherry, yellow pear, black krim, Pink of berne & now have Beafsteak) & carrots ( north indian red ), ~ok results with chili & bitter guard.

    no need to buy a PH meter, just buy a PH paper book ~20Rs
    take a glass(plastic) full of nutrient water & drop a small piece of the PH paper in the glass & match the color

    no need to buy a TDS meter too, just change the water in the hydro setup every 2 weeks & you are good.

    just monitor the PH every 2-3 days

    • Srikanth

      Hi Anil,

      Where did you get all these ingredients? Are there any online stores in India who sell these?


    • Deepak

      Hello Anil,

      Did you purchase the nutrients directly or did you mix using the chemicals?


    • Srikanth

      Hi Anil,

      As you are not responding to the queries I doubt you are not subscribed to the comments. In case you have happen to see this query please respond.

      I have all the salts including the chelated forms of micro nutrients. The only thing missing is Sodium Molybdate. Can you tell me where in India I can buy Sodium or Aluminum Molybdate?


      • geekgardener

        Hi Srikanth,

        I will let anil know about this and for your question, molybdenum is needed in very minimal quantities and you can even avoid it and later do a foliar spray of it. It is available in all the chemicals traders. In bangalore, it is available in Laboratory traders in koramangala( Near Libra hotel).

        Hope this helps

        • Srikanth

          Hi GG,

          I tried in many stores in Hyderabad and they do not have them. It is supposedly expensive about Rs. 1500 per 100 gm is what the guys in Hyderabad were saying and as such there is no demand for it.

          I am currently growing Spinach, Tomato and a bunch of cucurbits (Cucumber, Bottle Gourd and Ridge Gourd) hydroponically. In fact I have had my first cuttings of Spinach last Sunday. It yielded 483 grams out of 8 smalls tubs/glasses (see:

          I am currently using Chelated Iron along with Rallis’ Tracel micronutrients. All I need is about 5 gms of molybdenum for a years supply of nutrient solution.

          I guess none of these traders in Bangalore sell it online.


  • It’s a pity that such orgs exist, just to make money in the name of sharing knowledge. Thanks for alerting the public.

  • Sahana

    Hi GG,

    As I said I have lots to share, i have a hydroponic bean tub. I’m using sand as the media. I also have built two drums for lemon and herale kai (must be citreon in English). I will be launching them shortly. But for the drums im using rice husk and peat.Beans are growing well.

    I will update soon

    • mahesh kumar

      hey all,

      i really dont know what made me see this blog but it actually saved 12000 +food+travel expenses . i really dont know who updated this link in yahoo answers .thank so much for letting me know .believe it or not i spoke to him today.was planing to pay the money in a weeks time .he had asked me to contact his p.a sangeetha she said the its full now, she will call me back if there are vacancies .from what i have read im guessing ill get a call back .:)
      and fantastic job gg!!!

      anywaz i have been going through all posts .im new to all this .but im really keen to implement hydroponics and aeroponics in my grandad ‘s farm .i thought ill try out on my own first .do you follow the hydroponic method? because from what i saw in the youtube videos and your procedure is completely different.

      can you shed some light on hydroponic and aeroponic you helped everybody else please can use ur special powers on google and let me know where i can get coir ,rockwool and perlite in chennai.and even net pot .i am trying to build the aeroponic and hydroponic systems which i saw .however not able to get net pots .lets c how that turns out

      looking forward for your trademark step by step explained aeroponic/hydroponic systems and their nutrients (if you have time ) wink :) thanks lot . if not for u 12k down the drain .

      • geekgardener


        Glad to be of help. I started on hydroponics sometime back mostly on the aggregate method. I am setting up a modified NFT now. You get coir in many places in chennai. Check with Bloom peat. They might be able to help you out.

        Netpots are available in bangalore. Let me know if you want contacts here.

        BTW, welcome to my blog and lets be in touch.

        • mahesh kumar


          thanks lot . i got cocopeat . i was not able to find it ok if i use only coco-peat ? anywaz for the net pots i was abe to make my own .thanks to cup-o-noodles .
          i am trying to set up deep-water hydroponics( and these are things i have
          set up
          2.air pump


          potassium nitrate
          calicum nitrate
          inter solution

          please help me out if i need anything else .how do u guys manage to check up the ph and tds or even weigh the nutrient ?

          and one last question my balcony does not receive adequate sunlight does work with artifical light using lamps ? does anybody follow full feledged hydroponics here?

          • geekgardener

            Hi Mahesh,
            I dont think perlite is an absolute necessity. You can do without it. I have had amazing success with plain cocopeat. From your comment, you have just mentioned, calcium and potassium nitrate. What about the other nutrients like phosphorus, mg, sulfate. Are they part of “inter solution”? For pH, you can buy pH paper strips. its a cheaper option. The other option would be to buy a meter( costs INR 1200/-). For E.C( ~tds) you get a meter which is again 1200. You can do without it as well. For Weighing , I use a chinese 1gram precision weighing machine i bought for 600/-.

            I have raised seedlings in artificial light, but not bigger plants. Though it might work out, it wont be worth the money you spend on it.

            More questions, feel free to shoot.

          • Hello GG,
            First of all, wish you happy new year 2010.
            It interesting to know so many facts about the course. I just went through the reviews and have decided to take your help on some points to learn.
            1. Can you help to find out where I can get the coir pith/coir block to start the hydroponics in a small way.
            2. Can you help to suggest me how to mix the nutrients also.

            Thanks for your help in advance.


  • I have an award for you to collect!

    • geekgardener

      Thanks for the Award!. I am excited about it.

      • mahesh kumar

        hey gg! ( i really want to know your real name :))

        thanks for all the help . i made couple of them by using cup-o- noodles .but i dont think that will do .besides i couldnt get hold of the rest of the chemicals in chennai. damn !hmph. ill have to hunt for it again . besides the next task is weighing them ! where did u get this chinse make one .seriously how do guys find things like this !:)
        do you have any plans of going commercial ?:)

        • mahesh kumar

          btw.forgot . i have just sowed couple of watermelon seeds ,tomato and green chilli in the germinating tray ,im guessing i have a weeks time to get everything ready.

        • geekgardener

          Hey Mahesh,

          The weighing machine is available in Avenue Road Bangalore. In chennai too you might be able to get it. Check for places that sell weighing balances for shops. How I find things like this is ‘google’, ‘like-minded-gardeners’ and searching for shops like crazy. Sometimes its quite frustrating and that is why I made a post to share this info. .

          I planning to start giving training and also a small hobby greenhouse.


      • Deepak

        Hello GG,
        Would you be kind enough to educate me on the mixing of the nutrients or can you tell me if I can get the pre-mixed nutrients.


        • geekgardener

          Hi Deepak,

          I am not sure where premixed nutrients are available. THere are plenty of materials in the internet tht shows how to make your own. In Bangalore, you can get all the chemicals that anil mentioned in New Tharagupet( Opposite to Prakash Cafe).


          • Hi GG,
            Thanks for your reply. Can you also help me with the coir pith source.
            With these two, I think I can start off with a small garden.
            I will promise you that I will keep asking you queries as time goes.
            Hope you dont mind.

  • Visit my blog to collect it. Thanks

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  • FREE TRAINING IN HYDROPONICS – I am planning to set up a FREE TRAINING COURSE in Hydroponics for anybody who is interested. Since I have been given a certificate by ISH as a “MASTER TRAINER”, I think I am now eligible to train others. Hence I will be glad to do so. In fact i have put together a lot of additional information and course material than the stuff I got for 10K! I will pass on all this to everybody FREE!

    But I must WARN YOU … the COST of Hydroponic Gardening is NOT CHEAP! You have to INVEST in Poly House, Trays, Tubs, Seeds, Substrate, Nutrient, Pesticides, etc. You also will have to contantly monitor the garden to check for proper grwoth and pest infestation.

    I WILL SOON ANNOUNCE THE DETAILS OF THE TRAINING PROGRAMME – most probably in the following cities: BANGALORE, CHENNAI, HYDERABAD, PUNE, COCHIN. If people are interested in collaborating and offering their premises in these cities please write to this Forum and we shall try to join forces and get our act together.

    • mahesh kumar

      hey shanker!

      thats a wonderful thought .im From chennai. ill help out to set it up in chennai.

    • Sunil

      Hi, i want to learn all the details.I have got some information which i want to mail to you.Can i get your email id and/or contact number.i will not be continuously calling rather prefer messaging any required communication as I respect others commitment to their work and time.So would be glad if i get your number.

  • Gautam

    hey thanks for information.
    I want to start home scale hydroponics. Please tell me how to proceed.
    mail me to

  • Hi GG,
    I really feel bad about it, as I had suggested you the petbharo website.
    The learning is – we should be very careful about these things.
    anyway, what about hydroton? you didn’t reply to my comment. let me know.

    • geekgardener

      Hi Fg,

      Hey don’t feel bad about it at all. Take it easy. I did meet so many folks as part of that training with whom I am still in touch. Reg hydroton, I called up Ratanshi and they said they can ship it to bangalore and I can pay up thru DD. Sorry for the delay. Work kept me busy the whole week and a sprain in the neck :(.

      How is your garden coming along?


      • fungardener

        Thats nice of you. Looking forward for your posts related to culture using hydrotons.

        I have added a post related to hydroponics in my blog. Have a look for updates.

  • Hi everybody,

    This is Atul Kalaskar from Pune. I too was in touch with Mr. Prakash and at that time the fees were 20k. I somehow smelled the rat and decided to give it a skip. Instead I hired a consultant from abroad and it worked out beautifully.

    I have set up a small proof of concept project at Pune where I have planted 2000 Strawberry plants. You can take a look at it at my facebook account.

    I plan to take this commercial next year and just to popularize the concept I have submitted my idea to WagonR contest. You can always boost my votes which will help me take this idea on a national level. But that part is optional and you can either ignore it or vote for me at

    With whatever limited exposure and experience that I have earned, if I can be of any help then I will be happy to provide some quick answers but as some of the blogger mentioned if searched properly then internet can provide all the answers. I can be reached at



  • javed

    Its waste to learn hydroponic technique for ten thousand ..

    We here have developed a syatem of our own and we are ready to give training free of cost ….

    those who are interested you all are very welcome ..mail me if ur interested ..!!

    ur regards ….!!

    let u know the details if u mail me …

  • Sunil

    I am a bangaloorean and I want maximum information about hydroponics which site and service giver is best and any other things related to hydroponics.mail me details to

  • hey gg

    i am new to your blog.. i have been to the training in the 2nd batch in the month of may 2009. i need some help. i am doing my MSc 2nd year project using hydroponics as the base technique. i will be growing calendula officinalis and will need nutrients for around 250 plants. could you please give me a list of the chemicals required and their concentrations to be used? please. i could find out myself about it via a chemical analysis, but i dont have time for that. i am on a very tight schedule.

    could you please give me the information as soon as possible. it would be very helpful. I had called the institute in bangalore and asked for a 3 month supply which is priced at 2000 INR including the shipping. I am a student. i dont have that kind of money. if nothing else works out then i will have to shell it out anyways.

    please let me know the details.

    thank you


    • geekgardener

      Hi Belindono,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Good to know that you are doing a project on hydroponics. As you are planning to grow calendula officinalis you should look for the nutrient requirement appropriate for the plant you are growing. I am using the formula mentioned in
      The chemicals you need are
      Calcium Nitrate
      Potassium Nitrate
      Magnesium Sulfate
      Mono-Potassium Phosphate
      Potassium Sulfate
      and Micronutrients.

      I dont have the exact nutrient requirement of Calendula. If you have PPM values needed for the same let me kknow. I can help you.


      • Hey Guys,

        If it is too difficult to get the ppm based formula then best option will be to buy commercial liquid fertilizer such as 19:19:19 (NPK) and then use a foliar spray for micro nutrients. You can also look for total nutrient formula. Visiting local store should be of great help.

        • Srikanth

          I think using foliar spray would defeat the purpose of hrydoponics.

          I currently have some decent success with Spinach and Tomatoes. I have some photos of them. May be gg can upload here.

  • Ajith

    try contacting Bhagwati herbal agro solutions .They give full help in organic farming

  • Hemanth


    I am new to hydroponics and trying to collect as much information as possible from the internet. Thanks to the guys who exposed the truth on PetBaro and the training program – I was infact planning on joining the 3-day program soon. I am very keen on seeing any existing working setup. If any of you guys are in Bangalore and have a working setup in place, I would really appreciate if I can have a look at it.

    • geekgardener

      Hi Hemanth,

      I have a working aggregate setup using cocopeat (and an in-progress DFT) and Anil Hande(another hydroponic enthusiast has a DFT setup working).


  • Hemanth

    Hi GG / Anil Hande,

    Do you think I can drop by and have a look at your set-up? Do let me know a convenient date and time for you. Also let me know your address and mobile number. I will call and confirm your convenience.

  • Deepak Kukreja

    Hi All,

    I am from Mumbai and got a great deal of interest in doing hydroponics at home..

    I want to know that is there any ready made commerically available fertilizer that can be used in hydroponic as I am finding great difficulty in getting the chemicals and create my own nutrient in Mumbai..

    Please suggest..

    Thanks & Regards


  • Thrinethran P V


    I stumbled upon this blog while searching details about aquaponics and hydroponics…nice posts…

    The thing i need to know is anywhere we can get grow pots that can be vertically stacked for doing hydroponics?


    • geekgardener

      Thanks Thrinetran,

      I am not too sure if we get those stackable pots here but based on what you want to grow, we can make our own makeshift arrangements. PVC pipes and bags would be a good start.


  • Hi,

    You people really saved me from the said training. Now I’m reasserting myself that ‘this is my country’, and this is what I have to expect.

    Hydroponics became my passion from schooldays onwards, while at high school I traveled around 500kms just to meet and learn from a guy who’s picture came in newspaper along with the news about the hydroponics he was practicing. It was sometime in 1990-91.

    I am yet to get my hands wet, and really planning for my first attempt. I also plan to conduct free training in Hydroponics once I turn to an expert.

    Thanks all.

  • G L Bansal

    I am really shocked to learn about the ‘Pet bharo programme’ of ISH in India. Actually, I also wanted to associate with this organisation but have come to know its reality. Infact, I had written an article which I was about to send it within a day or two, where I had written positive aspect of ISH as available on net. I have gained a lot after reading all the blogs and discussion about hydroponics. Thanks for excellent information especially to gg who also intends to start trainings.

  • Wapang

    I want to thank you all for warning me about Pet Bharo. I was actually planning of taking a trip from Nagaland. Thanks a lot, you saved my time, energy and money.

  • Raghavendra Sirsi

    I am based in Bangalore , i am 3 days old in Hydroponics and majority being web search , i plan to do a small pilot, next scale up to a small to medium scale. I need a hands on feel of hydroponics, so if i can touch base with any Bangalore based enthusiast, will be gratefull.

  • Hi Mahesh,
    I think I mentioned in the comments of one of GGs posts that I got Coco peat from a company called Allwin International in Chennai, but after that I couldn’t manage to get another lot for about two months now. Everyone I speak to are not ready to sell to people locally but only export them and sell in tonnes!
    I contacted the number listed in Bloompeat’s website who asked me to contact him after half-hour. Hope I get it from him. Palms enjoined!
    You have any other sources? And where did you buy the perlite/vermiculite from?

  • Hi Mahesh,
    Well, it turns out they (Bloompeat) aren’t doing retail and would have to ship it from Tirunelveli and aren’t ready to take order even if I am ready to pay for shipment :(. How much did you order when you did so?
    Did you get any other source?

  • geekgardener

    Good to hear about your passion and it is really nice that you plan to conduct free courses in future. Do keep is posted.

  • Prakash Hathiramani

    Hi Javed,

    I am interested to set up something in Lagos Nigeria. I have been reading about this technique for the last few months and have seen a few farms in Thailand. Would like to know more about this technique before i get into it in Lagos Nigeria. My main concern is the availability of the nutrients in Lagos. we are looking at Lettuce and other salads and Tomatoes.
    Regards Prakash

  • G L Bansal

    Hey Anil:

    Where are you located. I am happy to note your comments.

  • Thanks for stopping by and glad you found my website useful.

  • Wapang

    Hi Shankar,
    I am interested in your free hydroponics training. Please let me know whenever you intend to start one. I have no experience in hydroponics but I am working on starting a small unit in Nagaland, mostly from sources collected from the net. I would be really happy if you could share your knowledge on hydroponics. Will it be possible to send a copy of the DVD they sold to you in ISH? I dont mind paying for it if its worth it.