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Did you know?

About 61% of the farmers are willing to quit farming. We are losing more and more fertile agricultural lands to industrialization and real estate. At this rate, we may not have enough land or farmers to produce the food we consume.


The Solution

Unless we decided to do something about it, the problem is not going to solve by itself. If you noticd, almost every construction or the building in the city has a roof top with all the space that we lost in the conversion. Our goal is make every roof top produce abundant vegetables that are organic, safe and eco-friendly.


How can you help.

Start a urban roof top garden and grow your own food. The benefits are

  • You get food that is completely organic
  • Your food travels the least to reach you 
  • You can grow what you want and whenever you want
  • You are no longer dependent on the market.
  • Save money!
  • Learn a new skill.

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