From sowing till harvesting, you can find guides for every step of your gardening adventure. Be it Hydroponics, Aeroponics or conventional Urban farming, we have you covered!

Consulting and Turnkey Projects

Looking to start a business in Hydroponics or a commercial farm? We have the expertise to guide you at every step in your decision making. We offer turnkey solutions for setting up farms. Talk to us.


Getting hold of right input at the right time is the key to success in gardening. Seeds, Hydroponics Nutrients and Ready to Use DIY Hydroponics Kits. We have them all here under one roof


We setup farms that are efficient and Profitable.

Commercial Farming is a great venture to start and We can help you at every stage starting from conceptualization till the first harvest. Whether it is a leafy crop or a fruiting crop, start your farming journey with us. Our team specializes in Soilless agriculture and Hydroponics. Talk to us. 

Commercial Hydroponics Tomato
Commercial Hydroponics Farm India

grow your own Food. We can help

Growing guides

From sowing till harvest, every step documented. Here is the growing guide you always wanted!

Commercial Hydroponics Training India
I am happy to announce the launch of Hydroponics Mastery Course. Our entire team has been working on building this course for a while and it is time to share it with you all. This is a pre-recorded course that 14 chapters focussing on various topics […]
Here are the top 10 seed sowing mistakes:
ph keeps going high in Hydroponics
In a hydroponics system, plants absorb nutrients through their roots in the form of positively and negatively charged ions. When plants take up nutrients in the form of anions (negatively charged ions), such as nitrate (NO3-), they also release hydroxide ions (OH-) as a byproduct. This […]


Geekgardener started out as a platform to help people grow their own food. We also help them getting the right product. Below are the products that have built successful gardeners. 

Do It yourself Hydroponics kit india

Do-It-Yourself Raft Hydroponic System

This is a compact DIY hydroponic system suitable for beginners who are starting their journey in hydroponics. If you dont have a large space, this is your best option. Just a window sill is enough.

Do-It-Yourself NFT 30 Planter

This is a scaled down version of NFT System that is a defacto standard for commercial hydroponics. If you are planning to go commercial at some point, check this out.

Microgreens ready for harvest

Microgreen Seeds

Microgreens are the latest trend in healthy eating and there is a reason for that. They are super nutrituous and easy to grow.

We have a great collection of microgreen seeds. Check it out.


This is one of the things we do best

We started out to make urban farming more efficient, successful and to produce food that is easy to grow and safe to eat.  Be it a Balcony or a rooftop, Indoor or outdoor, we have a solution for setting up an urban farm in your spaces. We love creating urban farming spaces that is self sustaining. Talk to us. 


The learning never stops

Starting a commercial hydroponic farm can mean a lot to be learnt. With our decade of experience in growing crops commercially, you can learn the tricks of the trade and become an expert in the shortest possible time.  Whether it is your rooftop farm or a commercial farm, we can get you up to speed.

Get Hands on training from on all aspects of Hydroponics and grow crop like a Pro.

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