The right psychrometer to use
In this video, we are going to demonstrate how to measure Humidity and Temperature using a digital psychrometer. Very often, […]
Online Hydropoics Training
Hello Everyone! I am happy to announce the 2nd batch of our online hydroponics training session. The details are below. […]
In this series of videos I plan to make hydroponics as a growing technique easy for everyone to understand and […]
New video Alert! I have posted a new video on my youtube channel Geekgardener. Many of you have been asking […]
Understanding pH in Hydroponics
Understanding pH in Hydroponics Hydroponics is all about precision. The health of the plants in your growing system depends on […]
TDS vs EC meter – Which one to buy? If you are a beginner in Hydroponics, it is certain, at […]
 Have you tried sowing lettuce seeds in a 100 cell propagation tray with exactly one seed per cell? if you […]
romaine lettuce cos lettuce
What lettuce comes to your mind, when I say the word lettuce? Go on, take a minute. If you thought Iceberg […]
Hydroponics Starter Kit For Sale