Here are the top 10 seed sowing mistakes:

  1. Planting seeds too deep: Many gardeners make the mistake of planting seeds too deep, which can prevent them from sprouting or cause them to grow weakly. The thumb rule is sow the seeds twice as deep as their size.
  2. Not preparing the sowing medium properly: Seeds need a suitable growing environment to germinate and grow. If the soil is too compacted, dry or nutrient deficient, the seeds may struggle to grow.
  3. Overwatering: While seeds need moisture to germinate, overwatering can lead to rotting or drowning the seeds. This is also a reason for pre-emergence rot.
  4. Underwatering: Inconsistent or insufficient watering can cause seeds to dry out and fail to germinate.
  5. Using old or expired seeds: Old or expired seeds may not germinate or grow properly, leading to wasted time, effort and money.
  6. Not providing enough light: Some seeds require light to germinate and grow properly. Not providing enough light can cause them to fail. Lanky seedlings dont produce healthy crop.
  7. Planting at the wrong time: Different plants have different growing seasons and optimal planting times. Planting seeds at the wrong time can cause them to fail.
  8. Overcrowding: Planting too many seeds in a small space can lead to overcrowding, competition for resources, and stunted growth.
  9. Not labeling seedlings: It’s important to keep track of which seeds you’ve planted and where. Not labeling seedlings can lead to confusion and mistakes when it’s time to transplant or harvest. This is especially true if you grow a many cultivars of the same veggie together
  10. Not using the right sized containers: Some seeds require deep or wide containers to grow properly. Using containers that are too small or shallow can hinder growth and development.
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