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Weekend Sale at Geekgardener’s
In the news.. Again!
This blog is now 4 years old
Plant Pests Series – Leaf Miner
How to grow Mint from cuttings
Hydroponic Cucumber production in greenhouse – Part II
Hydroponics/Soilless Cucumber Production in greenhouse – Part I
Hydroponic Lettuce in NFT/DFT
KGI Meet – A Success
Seed Swap Event.Kitchen Garden Day
Kitchen Garden Day is here
Celebrating 100 posts
Growing Bok choy in containers
Panchagavya – For Sale
Seedlings for Sale
Bhut Jolokia Harvest – The Heat is ON
Sowing Calendar is here
Malnad Mela
Terrace gardening – Success Stories Part I
Growing the Hottest chili pepper in the world – Bhut Jolokia
Growing Carrots in Containers – Step by Step with Pictures
How to grow Radish in Containers
We have arrived
We are moving!
Growing European Cucumber
National Seminar on Organic Terrace Gardening
Propagating Hydrangea from Cuttings
Growing Zucchini (Summer Squash) in Containers
Growing Okra a.k.a Ladies finger in Container
June – What to sow
Growing Spinach in Containers
Container grown Watermelons – Yummy Sugar babies
Growing Watermelon in Containers
Growing Kohlrabi in Containers
Growing Tomatoes in Growbags – Hydroponic way
Problem of Plenty – Raining Tomatoes
Growing Gourds – Bird house gourd
Its Women’s Day!
Namma Santhe!
A slice of Beefsteak
Seed saving Bell pepper seeds
Harvest from the Greenhouse – Beefsteak Tomatoes
Propagating Tomato plant from cuttings – Howto
Updates from the greenhouse – Hydroponic tomatoes
My Greenhouse – The Making
January – What to sow?
My Greenhouse – a dream come true.
Wish you all a Happy New Year
Disaster in my garden
So you want to start a kitchen garden – Part II – Seed starting
December – What can be sown?
ISH Hydroponics TOI Article – A big joke
Cabbage harvest
Petbharo.s Hydroponics Training – Disappointing!
So you want to start a kitchen garden? – Part I – Where to get what
Container choices
Growing Coriander in container
Updates on Cabbage.
November – Sowing season
Experiment with Hybrid seeds
Seed Saving Lettuce
Transplanting Seedlings – Cabbage
Basket full of Container grown veggies
Seed saving – Continued
Seed Saving – Tomato seeds
A morning at my garden.
Organic Mela
Tomato Harvest
Container grown Eggplants – Black Beauty
Container grown tomatoes – Updates
More pear tomatoes – Updates
Spectrum in my garden
Pear tomatoes – or Garden candy?
Seedlings – How are they?.
Its pouring capsicums
Seed starting Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa)
Pear tomatoes
Bunch of cuties.
Its Training time.
Seed starting begins…
Growing capsicum in containers
My Greenhouse & Cutting propagation.
Getting Married!!
Heirloom Tomatoes
Red, White and Green
My Visit to Dept of Horticulture and a lil something..
Calendula blooms
Tomatoes, Potatoes and Beyond..
Gardening updates.
Tomato updates
Growing potatoes.
Seed Starting Updates
Seed starting Tomatoes, Chillies and Egg plant
Colors in my garden
Update on Spinach
Seed starting spinach HOWTO
Its been a while.
Rainy day
Basal canes.(Pics)
Me goes Eco-friendly
Propagating Coleus from Cuttings – HOWTO ( Results Yay)
Say Hello to First timers
Propagating Coleus from Cuttings – HOWTO
Time to shop
Its harvest time.
Say Cheese..
Here I am
More results
Going Organic!
More updates
Starting off
Hello world!

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