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Colors in my garden

I always had a thought that the pictures I take using my Nokia 6600 dont do justice to the actual colors in my garden. So this time I had one of my friend bring his camera and went on a photo spree….

Here is a chrysanthemum flower.if you thought those are big flowers you must re-look the pic again. Its a teeny weeny dwarf chrysanthemum on Macro mode. Chrysanthemum usually bloom in bunches and If i had ‘pinched’ it properly at the right time, I will have a living bouquet in my garden by now:)

MyGarden 034

This rose plant here was so dull and wilted because of lack of fertilization and care. To be very honest, I used a chemical fertilizer called Miracle gro Food spikes. They are slow release fertilizers lasting upto 2 months and it contains all the macro and micro nutrients that are essential for plants . I think its worth it

MyGarden 004

This is an ‘Orange’ rose and my attempt on macro mode photography and I think the rose by its beauty has eclipsed my photography mistakes.

MyGarden 038

Last week I have been working on seed starting tomatoes, chilli and egg plant (white). I will cover on those another day.


Update on Spinach

Its almost a month since I planted those spinach seeds and I thought I will post some pictures today. As i already mentioned they are grown in a mix that has vermiculite, compost, coir dust in the ratio 1:1:1.

So here they are.



One of the things I learned during this seed starting is that the quality of compost used is very important.Since that is the only source of nutrients in this mix. I used BioFarm available in Lalbagh. I am not sure, its pure compost or they add some fertilizer to make it “enriched”. When I opened the bag, it looked so dry and very powdery and had a chemical smell. If it had chemicals, I am sure that microbes and all those living organisms for which we use compost are dead.

I am sure if i had used red soil/loam, I would have gotten much better results. But I have been trying to come up with a soil mix thats very light in weight. This way moving around the pots is much easier and so is repotting.

Another new addition to my garden is Asparagus Fern. I requested that plant from my office and the gardener was kind enough to give me a plant. Thanks to him


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