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Gardening updates.

Had been fighting with a software bug at work since my last post and finally fixed . To celebrate that, I took my friends Canon camera and went on a photo shoot. The result is this blog post.

This is a chrysanthemum plant that I bought thinking that it was yellow colored and guess who got lucky ;)

MyGarden 050











Zinnia and Baby zinnia….

MyGarden 048












Zinnia with spider plant….

MyGarden 049











This rose plant was in my balcony for so long with out even a trace of flower. The moment I kept the plant in the terrace, it smiles …..

MyGarden 063













Red zinnia in a closeup shot.

MyGarden 056













Coleus and few other plants rooted from cuttings..

MyGarden 051












Say cheese… The red zinnia was so beautiful that I kept taking pics of it… This one has a single row of petals…

MyGarden 054












And this one is a double Purple Zinnia..

MyGarden 055












Saffron Chrysanthemum…This one came in the same pot that had a pink colored chrysanthemum. Usually I buy an colored mum, then it turns out that I was given a yellow mum. This time I was in for a total surprise. I bought yellow and white; but when it bloomed it was orange, red and pink.

MyGarden 057










MyGarden 058











MyGarden 064













Tomato plants: These are the tomato plants that were so tiny in the previous posts. All of them have small berries now and staking is so important at this point. I used bamboo sticks from an old bamboo screen. Though the sticks were very thin I used 5-6 stakes per pot, so it sort of hangs in there.

MyGarden 066



















Here is the most awaited cherry tomato.. You can see of the flower that has fallen off. I was worried that this blossom drop will continue but fortunately it stopped(may be because i moved all the plants to a much sunny spot).

MyGarden 067












Another tomato plant (Indam Naveen) with its friut clusters.

MyGarden 070












Pudina bush. I didnt know pudina can get this invasive. I could see lots of horizontal stems called ‘runners’ in the pot that gives rise to several new plants. This is another easy growing plant, a must for every kitchen garden.


MyGarden 059











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Tomato updates

All the tomato seedlings that I had of 3 varieties are now in their respective 20L containers and few of them have already started flowering.

But unexpected caught my sight, the flowers are falling off just a day after they bloomed. This is only on the cherry tomato. On googling I found out it is “Blossom Drop” which can happen due to any of the following

  • Extreme temperatures.
  • Stress
  • Too little or too much Nitrogen.
  • Humidity.
  • Too much water.

These tomatoes are in the balcony right now taking bangalore’s cold nights and not enough sunlignt. I am planning to move them to the terrace to provide them ample light and see if it stops the damn drop. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


With just 12 pots I feel so frustrated and there are farmers in india with acres of land ready for harvest only to have it destroyed by rain/flood the same day. Too bad.. I will be very happy if vegetable prices go high. Let the world outside know how much trouble these farmers go through and yet how cheap we get the veggies for and still bargain on top of it. We only bargain to these poor people and empty of wallets silently to shopping malls, realtors and for entertainment.



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