Trellising tomatoes using the tomato hook and tomato clips Please check out this video I made on Trellising tomato plants. […]
romaine lettuce cos lettuce
What lettuce comes to your mind, when I say the word lettuce? Go on, take a minute. If you thought Iceberg […]
Growing Swiss Chard
Guide to growing Swiss chard with pictures and step by step explanation. Learn to grow swiss chard in the ground, container or in Hydroponics.
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Growing Kale: Tips on How to grow kale in your garden Kale also known as borecole is a plant that […]
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How to grow  Jalapeno Peppers – Jalapeno Plant Care   The Jalapeno pepper plant is the most important plant in your […]
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Growing Beets – How to grow Beets Beets as it is shortly called, Beetroot, is one of the most nutritious […]
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Growing Potatoes and When to Plant Potatoes in your garden Growing potatoes in your garden is fun and very rewarding. […]
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