Yes, Not just my plants now i am going organic and eco friendly too. I successfully stopped using my bike to office since two months and use only the public transport. There are some good things about it and there are ofcourse bad things too..

Good things:

  1. Cheap because you save on petrol and maintenance.
  2. You get good exercise by walking to nearby places.
  3. You life gets simple.

Bad things:

  1. When its crowded, public transport becomes the worst.
  2. Pickpockets.. Yes I lost my expensive fast-track goggles.
  3. End up waiting for the bus sometimes, so you are at the bus’ mercy.

That said, its been good to walk and do things without a motorbike.

To make life more interesting and eco-friendly look what I got.

Its a Atlas Mountain Sting.


On the first day I had to bring it from BTM to KR Puram and Boy! that ride was tiring as well as thrilling. Traffic jams didnt bother me and hey the cops cant do anything 😉 and with music from my iPod and a pleasant breezy weather there is nothing that can beat cycling.

Next step, I am going to add Gears to my cycle to make climbing steep/uneven roads a piece of cake.

Regarding my garden, rain took care of watering my plants and infact did more than what i expected. Lot of lush growth and more tomato, ladies finger and chilli harvest.

The coleus cuttings have struck well and Roses its raining basal canes and the plants droop down because of the weight of the flowers.

Happy and satisfied 😉

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2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    good to know you are going green in all ways…..most people think of various ways to conserve fuel, get exercise etc but very few implement them. anyway , goodluck with your efforts.waiting for images of the basal canes.


  2. Thanks for your wishes. I will post the pictures soon.
    BTW, How are your hibiscus plants coming along ? Have you applied Panchagavya spray ? Any results?

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