Its been raining on and off here in Bangalore. Its kind of good for me since I dont have to water my plants and they thrive well on rain water anyway.

Because of the rain, most of the tomato plants couldnt bear the weight of the tomatoes and they started drooping down because of the weight. There is a kind of disease that starts attacking the tomatoes after the rain and i have already lost a few of them to it. So I decided to pluck many of the tomatoes while they are still green. I am going to make then ripe “offline”.

I dont claim these as record breaking tomatoes but definitely they are a handful since they are grown in containers.

Here are they are.




Hopefully in a weeks time, they will be red in color.

Happy me!.

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  1. hi,
    thanks for all the pics.Instead of waiting for the tomatoes to ripen, you can make sambar or even pickle from them i can assure you that it is quite tasty!!!!!!
    Used the panchagavya about 2 weeks back albeit with some trepidation- maybe it was not of the required concentration or the unseasonal rains may have washed it off. flowers are blooming well but no luck with the mealybugs. i continue to treat them with neem oil +soap spray.


  2. Hi there
    I myself started gardening a year ago and im soo much into it.
    I have opened a new site – Especially to help indian gardeners.
    I dindt find many articles or help in ragards with gardening in india.
    So I wanted to start something to help each other. This site is not for commercial purpose. im here to make no profits. I just want to bring the gardening community of india together sharing knowledge.
    I have three sections of the website.
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    Wordpress has an import feature and hence what ever you have blogged here can be imported through wordpress. i know you have only two entries but thats no probs.
    Now im hunting for more gardeners. is one big gardener, her artcles are great and would love to have her contribute as well.
    I have contacted just two.
    Im from bangalore. lovely place for gardening isnt it?

  3. krinish,

    Thats a nice gesture from your side for little gardeners like us in india. Its easy to assume, that its a girl who does this gardening stuff mentioned in this website .. isn’t it? Your assumption is wrong buddy. Dudes can garden too! I am a guy with green thumbs ;).

    I am not blogging since couple of months because i am out of station for work. Will let you know when I blog.


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