Growing Potatoes in Containers


Last time I had a potato plant growing like any other in a pot and me being the impatient kind, I dug it up little too soon and I ended up with 3 fairskinned potatoes ;). Then I looked up the web to know the way it should be done and I set out to do exactly the same way.

Potatoes belong to the same Family as that of Tomatoes. Interestingly they start from tubers and not seeds.

Chitting potatoes:

“Chitting” is the term that is used for the process of sprouting potatoes. There are several pages on the web showing how to chit a potato. I am not going to go into details on that since ‘I’ didnt chit the potatoes I planted. It was my friends mom. I went to their house kitchen and Voila! a bowl full of potatoes with sprouts eager to see the world and needless to say what happened next. Those fellas ended up in my garden and I skipped the chitting part.


Planting potatoes:

Growing Potatoes in Containers

Growing Potatoes in Containers

I potted these potatoes with sprouts into 4.5 inch pots and with in 3 days the plants showed up. The mix was peat, perlite and sand mixed. They had such a vigor and strength that I never had to fertilizer even a bit. The root system was also well developed. I was amazed by the amount of food stored inside the tuber for plant growth.









Date: Nov 2nd 2008.


Growing Potatoes in Containers


I transplanted the plants at this stage to polythene sacks(mostly the ones that manure comes in). Pictures of the same are below.

Date : Nov 6th 2008





I started out with just 6 inches of soil mix and planted these plantlets. As they grew I added more soil. Now the bags are a little more than 2 feet. Boy! thats lots of mix.

Date: Nov 8, 2008











This is what they looked like once done. Date: Nov 8, 2008










Grown plants with flowering buds.

Date: Dec 7th 2008.




















After it had flowered, I learnt from the web that there will be some early potatoes that would have formed. I did a test poke into the soil to a depth of 3-4 inches and Oops…. My fingers felt something that feels like potato… It better be one 😉












Its not time for harvest yet. The sign for maturity is yellowing of leaves and plants die back ( or my running out of my patience.. which is usually the case). Will update this blog once i harvest those tubers….


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