This is the day I have been waiting for since  I bought the seeds of Earliana – an early yielding variety of cabbage. I wrote about it here and here. This morning I decided to pluck it. Reason?.. Its almost 2 months from the date of transplanting, i ran out of patience and I saw some cracking on one of the cabbages.

Ok now for some details.

Totally I had 3 pots with cabbage. Of which 2 of them were in good sunlight for few initial days and one of them was in part shade ( due to space constraints). Later, all the 3 of them came to my balcony where they get less than 2-3 hours sunlight.

This is how they looked day before yesterday.


MyGarden 816


MyGarden 817

Oh wait a minute..Am I in a race?

MyGarden 818

If you notice the 2nd pic carefully, the cracks and the splits are observed. Yes that cabbage started cracking.  Why? It could be one of the following reasons.

  • The cabbages are mature but not harvested on time. Early maturing varieties are prone to cracking quickly.
  • Over watering – Especially when the head is mature. Causing the inner leaves to grow more faster than the outer mature leaves of the head. Thus causing it to break.
  • Over fertilizing – Causing the new shoot to grow faster than the outer leaves resulting in cracking.

I don’t know which one, but yeah the cabbage cracked!. So what to do in this situation. a) Just harvest it and eat!. or b) do the freakiest thing. Just lift the cabbage plant with the plant from the pot and put it back in after turning it half turn. This is what is recommended by many sources in the internet and it makes sense because doing so cuts many roots which checks the intake of water and hence slowing down the growth of the new shoot. you can also randomly cut out some roots if you know what you are doing.How is that for a learning!?

Lessons learnt:

Cabbage cracking and how to prevent/correct it.

Full sunlight is very important for cabbage’s growth.( I mean..Isn’t that obvious)?

I am now brave enough to try it one more time and get much better yields.

Oh, I forgot to mention how much they weighed.

The winner cabbage( i.e the first pic) weighed 580gms and the 2nd runner weighed 470 gms.

We cooked the 500+gms one and it was sweet and tasty.!

more later

NOTE: I am still working on Part II of “So you want to start a kitchen garden”. Please bear with me.


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