Usually the posts that I write in this blog are about what grows in MY garden and the methodologies I follow while growing the plants. Nothing can become the best testimonial for the methods mentioned here than a success story. So here goes. In this post, I introduce to you, a passionate gardener Ramesh.

Ramesh has been growing lot of vegetables in his terrace garden. His setup being few wooden boxes and whole lot of paint buckets. Okay. I will stop here and let him continue.

I started gardening about year and half back. This duration has given me an excellent learning opportunity. Now, visiting garden early in the morning has become routine in my life. On many instances I have cut short my visit to native.

My garden setup:

I have a greenhouse/shade house of 10ft X 20ft. In which I have two numbers of square feet garden boxes measuring 4ft by 4ft. Couple of 20 liter paint buckets, dustbins with tank nipple fitted and cement/plastic pots.

Square foot garden box

Growing mix: I use coco pit, Compost (Horse manure + leaf compost) and perlite in 1:1:1 ratio. Initially
I was using vermiculite but I switched over to perlite looking at its water retaining capability. Also one
more observation is vermiculite becomes powder after some time. Cost wise, looking at the usage both
works out same.

Plants : I have tried growing Tomato ( Heirloom varieties and Beefsteak), Bhindi(Okra), Capsicum, Chili (Guntur and Banana early), Brinjal, Radish, Spinach,
Coriander, Cabbage, Beans, sponge guard, bitter guard, beetroot, Sambar cucumber, cluster beans,
kohlrabi, carrot , etc.

Normally I buy seeds from Namdhari, INDAM, Lalbagh, Bio center and whenever I visit some shows at Lalbagh.

Nutrients: This is one thing which is very important. Though I use mix of compost when it comes to NPK, it is not sufficient. I have seen plants growth limiting. I use 19:19:19 on weekly basis and got some micro nutrients which I use it by weekly. Use of 19:19:19 has shown good result.

Pollination: Since the plants are in green house, I do take care of the pollination. I have been planning to write one article on pollinations itself with pictures let me see when it materializes.

Ok, too much of introduction is done; let us walk to my garden

Here is the cherry tomato plant; you can see it is almost touching the roof. My green house is of 8 ft


The small tomato plant next to it is black prince. It is grown very big now and I have harvested couple of Black prince tomato today.

I had four plants and use to yield crazy. Believe me it is one day harvest.


I got these cucumber seeds from one of the organic mela at lalbagh. Till the plant started fruiting I did not know it is sambar cucumber. It was a nice surprise; here were four cucumbers from this plant. You can also see some mint(pudhina) leafs. I just planted one small stick which we got from shop. Today it has covered one full pot and we started sharing it with neighbors very often.


marigold okra

Marigold and Okra. Next to Marigold you can also see Radish. In one marigold plant we had plenty of flowers. Even with this Okra plant we got more than 20 Okra’s. Though I just had two plants also most every alternate day I use to get one or two.

Capsicum and Purple long brinjal plants. Now I have started harvesting form these plants.

capsicum-fruits eggplants

Kohlrabi is getting ready; I have about 6 plants coming in two pots and couple of bitter guard I harvested.


Now the most awaited harvest which I had recently. Yes, it is beefsteak tomato. I got these seeds from GG when I visited his place. Sowed the seeds on 31st July and so far harvested about 6 tomatoes. Still I have around ten tomatoes in the plant. Let picture speak the rest….

marmande beefsteak tomato plant beefsteak

Each tomato is around 300gms, the weighing machine what you are seeing is 200gm one and it shows full. When I cut the tomatoes for seeds, it had very few seeds. I have put the seeds with plum in a glass and it is under process.


The harvest on a single day!


This is my experience so far. Hope you all enjoyed it. Happy Gardening – Ramesh(FutureGreen)

Back to GG.

When I was sent these pictures I kept looking at them again and again. Very healthy plants and amazing harvest too. Success stories like these are the main source of inspiration for any gardener. Now I am rushing to sow some Eggplant and Capsicum.  How about you?

If you have a success story and want it to be featured here. Do send me the pictures of your garden and a write up about it.

Have fun.


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