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Please join me in celebrating 100 posts of this blog. Actually, Last post was my 100th post and I wanted to write about it then.But I felt this celebration deserved a special post by itself. One of the user pointed out to me that I am reaching my 100th post and even congratulated me in advance. Honestly I didn’t keep track until he told me 🙂 .

Through these 100 posts, this blog helped me find tons of friends, inspire 1000s of people to start gardening and formed a very nice network of like-minded people. This site started out with a single aim of helping people who want to garden and will continue to be source of information for all gardeners out there, of course, with all your support and contribution. This site has grown to such an extent that today it receives several 1000 hits, 100s of emails per day compared to just a handful per month when I started it in Jan 2008.

Back  when I started this blog, I wasn’t sure if I will keep it updated regularly. I even thought it will be like one of those blogs that goes untouched after the first hello world post. I really thought. I was also thinking “who will read my blog”. Though I have been gardening since my early schooldays, blogging was quite new. But then thanks to the addictive hobby of gardening, I kept posting without even worrying if anyone is reading it. One day, I had visitors in my blog and I was so excited and few days later, more visitors. More appreciation started pouring and oh yeah! the questions too.  From then on, there was no looking back.

Today I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone one of you for all the contribution, feedback, comments and your curious questions. These are the things that really drive this website.  More problems and questions led to more solutions and answers.

I get lots of emails from people who  got inspired to start a garden because of this site. Reading such emails is such a pleasure and I am motivated to write more and more on topics that will motivate people to grow their own food.

With so much support from you all, who wouldn’t be motivated?

In this post, I also want to make an announcement. I am starting a Training program on Terrace gardening. It will be a one day program and is aimed at making terrace/kitchen gardening a lot easier for those who are starting out. More details follow soon.
EDIT: The training location will be at Bangalore at present.
Interested folks can register for the same by sending an email to Trainings with subject Training.

or Fill out this form

Like I mentioned in my previous post,the series of posts on Hydroponics is in progress and will be out soon.

Until next time, Hapy Gardening



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