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Wishing you all a very happy and a prosperous New year 2012.

2011 was terrific. There were lots of happening in the website, lots of viewers, lots of contributors and lot of learning. Thanks a lot of being such a nice bunch.

In the year 2012, I am hoping to see more gardeners and more success stories. Lets pull up our sleeves and get those plants growing. Lets take a resolution of growing at least one vegetable self sufficiently. Can we?


Happy gardening



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  1. Thanks, gg, and the same to you. Your resolution is a great idea! Due to shortage of space, I will aim to make myself self-sufficient in green chillis.

    • Your choice of green chillies is really good. Especially we don’t need a lot of every day and the plant is easy to grow and yields a lot. Good luck. I still remember the marmande yield from your garden.

  2. Hi gg, Thanks and wish you the same.
    That is a great idea. As of now I am not buying any red/ green amaranth. They keep self seeding in different pots 🙂 Will try to expand to other leafy veggies too

    • Congrats This is an achievement. Store bought green leafy veggies go thorough a lot by the time they come to the store near you. I think it makes more sense to grow leafy veggies at home first.. isn’t it. I don’t see fresh amaranth/palak in the market that often.
      way to go..

  3. Thanks GG. Wish you a bountifully green New Year too!

    Right now I am enjoying lettuce & bok choy (your seeds) among a few other veggies. So though I am not self sufficient part, I’m definitely enjoying picking something always 🙂

    All the best in your endeavours

  4. Thanks Gg and Wish you and all fellow gardeners a Very Happy New Year – Can’t make any resolutions in self sufficiency – but will definitely try to be a better gardener.

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