It was Saturday morning 8ish and I was struggling to wake up after a week’s work. The phone rang suddenly. It was my mom on the other end. Still half asleep, I picked up the call with the idea of continuing my sleep after the call (duh!). She said, “Hey, do you know? There is an article about you and your garden in the The Hindu newspaper?” .Though I was half asleep, I was excited. By the time I ended the call, sleep had already left the building. I had given an email interview couple of weeks back. But It indeed was a pleasant surprise since I didn’t know when it will be published.

I immediately rushed to the PC and checked out my site.. the traffic was already sky rocketing. Mails got flooded into already full mailbox.

I am pretty excited to share the link of that article.




Thanks for all the support.


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  1. Congratulations Gg!!! Happy to see the article in THE HINDU. This is going to motivate more people to grow veggies.

  2. Hi,

    That’s great. Now more people would be inspired to becoming “Urban Farmers” and grow at least some veggies.
    “Think Global , act local” mantra would have a greater meaning….after all much more local can one get than growing one’s own vegetables in the balcony/terrace?


  3. It’s definitely a pat on the back for all your successful experiments and for motivating a lot of people. Hearty congrats!

    Would be great if you can conduct classes about Hydroponics.


  4. Congrats!!! Am from Chennai and have been a regular reader of late. You have been a great inspiration 🙂 though we haven’t managed to start our own terrace garden yet(We are clueless about places to get seeds and other requirements but we have a nursery nearby where we can get flowering plants and soil). Hopefully we get started soon…

  5. Really a worthy site. By this news from paper i came to know about this site. Very helpful for all. Congrats .

  6. Hi garden guru,

    Congrats for those lovely dahlias u grew.

    I sent u a mail but it seems u have lots of mail pouring in. n mine lost. I have a serious problem, pls advise. My hibiscus is growing but did not flower till now. there are pest under the leaf and i plucked all those leaves and sprayed medicine. but i want to know how to avoid and when will it flower. and my malli plant is also not growing well. though it flowered a lil. what should i do. and how often do u water gennia. pls pls pls advise.

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