Cherry tomato is one crop I don’t get bored growing. Long trusses of fruits hanging all over the plant is just a pleasant sight to look at. I leave the tomatoes to ripen on the vine. So they taste a lot sweeter when they are harvested.

The cherry tomatoes that feature in this video are actually grape shaped. They are grown in bag culture. Actually I wanted to put them in paint buckets but bag culture is simple and cheaper to setup. With automated drip setup watering the plant at regular intervals, the plants have no other job but yielding nice tomatoes.

I actually wanted to make up for a month’s delay in post by writing the complete cycle of growing cherry tomato like my previous spinach post. But with the time so less and ocean of activities happening (I will keep that for the next post), I thought this video would convey most of what I wanted to write if not all.

Here it is folks,

Hope you all enjoyed watching.
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