I  have a very good news that will  break my long silence. On Jan 21st 2013, we were blessed with a  baby girl. The baby and the mother are doing good now. She is our first baby and ever since her birth, every thing else took the backseat. Pics of her will follow. Some of you might have thought that I am not spending that much time on the blog like I used to.  There were so many things going on in 2012 and was very very hectic.However,  2013 started in a joyful way.

Also, On Jan 8th, This blog completed 5 years. Now this sounds so less significant after the first news.

While the baby kept  me busy, I did find some time to grow spinach, Chinese cabbage and lettuce hydroponically in a all new hydroponic kit.  More details of the kits, growing methodology in the coming posts.

Thats all for now.


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