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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take  a session on Urban Vegetable Gardening at Infosys, Bangalore. I must say, I am really impressed with the response and the interest shown by folks@Infy. It was @ 5.00 pm in the evening the session started. While everyone would be more than happy to call it a day by 5pm, couple of hundred people thought differently and stayed back to see what this guy has to talk about gardening.


My session was given a duration of 1.5 hours. It was very difficult to squeeze the whole concept of urban gardening in that duration. But looking at the response and number of people who turned out. I was inspired to convert all of them into growing their own vegetables. The hall was almost full and I was told about approx. 200 people attended the event.  This is way more than what I had expected.


Infosys Gardening Session

It was very nice to see so many enthusiastic gardeners/wannabes. There were lots of very interesting questions. The session ended with a small quiz of identifying few plants and the winners got the seeds of Cherry tomato and purple carrots seeds. I really appreciate and thank Melisha and Neha of Infosys for initiating and organising such an event.

Nice way to end the day!



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  1. I have always been very inspired reading you blog and am trying my hand at planting Methi (fenugreek) this season. Hope it comes out ok. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I was part of this session and the session was too good and very inspiring. I enjoyed the session very much, Thanks a lot for coming and wish we get many more similar opportunities to learn and get inspired from you:).


  3. very nice GG . Congratulations. By indulging in some physical activities ,those techies will get some movements to their limbs.
    Most of them ,you see manage their affairs with out moving from their seat.

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