My previous post on growing basil in a hydroponic raft/dwc system proved to be a great success. I got lots of questions on how to grow the seedlings and transplant them. To make those steps easy,  I thought I will polish and post series of the videos that I shot during the growing stages of the crop in the coming posts. One such video is posted below for your viewing pleasure.

Growing Basil in Hydroponic Raft System
Hydroponics for You, Your Pet and for Others


Having an herb garden really serves wonders especially when you live in a cramped up apartment building in the middle of a bustling city. The previous article on hydroponics- grown basil establishes that. On that note, having a fresh supply of herbs is just one of many advantages to having a garden. So along with having to learn how to assemble your own hydroponics system to grow plants without the use of soil, you could also look into other DIY projects or on-sale items that will complement your planned garden so that it not only supports you but others as well.

It’s true that one of the most common and ideal reasons to have your own garden is for you to grow your own herbs or rare vegetables. As established by retail chain Marks and Spencer  who has made it their advocacy to serve quality products, “just because we eat things everyday doesn’t make quality less important – in fact, quality and enjoyment matter more.” Then again, there are other purposes for having a quaint garden in your humble abode. Here are some of them:

For Your Hedgehog
Having a garden as a home is not just beneficial for your well-loved adorable spiked mammal, but also for other small pets if you happen to not choose
hedgehogs as pets. Having a well-built hydroponics system garden will be a good reason to buy an M&S Garden Natural Wicker Hedgehog House along with some well placed dried logs and twigs, especially if you do not prefer or are not allowed to have soil or dirt inside your home. Planting berries that are part of your pet’s diet and that can grow via a water system will not only lessen your pet expenditures, it will also give your extended family member a natural way to forage for its food. So instead of having that lousy cage or aquarium-turned hamster display, why not spend a bit more time and dedication by creating a “home” for your cuddly petite mammal friends.


A Mini Wildlife
If you happen to have a larger space, a balcony, or a dedicated room for that matter to really dwell into hydroponics, then why not go beyond just being a plant-lover. You can create your own eco-system, and help in your own area’s “chain of life”. Adapt some wildlife features as listed down by
BBC to grow not just vegetables for your menu, but also some support for other small animals. You can also consider these notes on How to Help Wildlife by BBC Nature.

Dwelling on urban gardening can be more than just a hobby. Get those creative juices flowing and your “hydroponics garden” will surely be much more than just for herbs.
Hope you enjoyed watching the video.

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  1. Hi GG,

    I want to grow Spinach in Hydroponic NFT system. I stay in Nagpur, Maharashtra. where can I get the Hydrponic kit, not the nutrients that you use ? Please can you also guide me step by step ?

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