Day 1 at Lalbagh flower show

We started the day setting up our hydroponic nft kit. While most of the things went really smooth, there were some teething issues which eventually got solved.  Lollo Rosso lettuce in the tray waiting to be transplanted.



Transplanting in hydroponics is the easiest job. All you need to do is just pick and place. While we were transplanting, there were lots of students from Horticulture Training Centre with many questions. After giving them a 10 minute overview of Hydroponics, they looked happy. I hope they understood what I spoke considering the fact I spoke in Kannada 😛


Within few minutes the kit is up and running. There was really good response from people. Lots of questions. Some of them thought it was something to do with rain water harvesting.

More updates and pictures of the rest of the flower show in the coming posts.


That’s all for today. 



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