Yes! Garden Guru store completed 2 successful years today. We are quite happy to share this news with you all. Without all of your support and patronage, this would not have been possible. Thank you so much.

In these 2 years, we met different people; made lots of friends from variety of fields who all have one thing common. Gardening! From the day we started our store, our goal was to ensure we provide as much information on how to get started on their gardening journey. All of us in the store, share this ideology. To this day, customers walk in questions and return home with answers and products. There were times where customers were so happy about the guidance we provided in the store that they were insisting they pay us for that.

We have learnt a lot in the process of helping the customer/maintain setup a garden. Every day we learn something new and that’s what makes gardening so awesome.

We produced different hydroponic kits and made them available to consumers. We feel so proud when we supply our hydroponic kits to agricultural universities and related departments.

Though we were quite happy with the way things were moving, we felt short of one thing. A Garden. We explain to great lengths about gardening to customers but a live garden to demonstrate was missing. So just went ahead and solved it.

Yes, we created a garden in our store. Not just any garden.. but a complete vegetable garden in our store terrace. Basically, we created a proper poly house structure which would give us freedom to do lots of research on different types of growing system with different vegetables. Is there a better way to celebrate our 2year anniversary?

Greenhouse 2

In the past, we have not seen any shop in the city that has a garden for people to visit and learn practically. This was the best opportunity to do things differently.

Not only you can know about growing different vegetables but now you can see them growing. We have the following at the moment and we are continuously adding more systems and more crops to our 500 sq.ft. greenhouse.

One can witness the following systems at the moment.

  1. Hydroponics NFT system
  2. Kratky System
  3. Raft System
  4. Cocopeat based Hydroponics
  5. Cocopeat + Compost based systems
  6. Grow beds
  7. Square foot gardening

In a weeks time, we shall have the following systems for demo

  1. High Pressure Aeroponics
  2. Deep water culture
  3. Flood & Drain System
  4. Drip system
  5. Dutch Bucket system.

The above are just what we are working on at the moment. We are also have many different systems in pipeline.. stay tuned.

Don’t forget to drop by and check out our greenhouse. Now that we have a greenhouse, we will soon start on keeping seedlings of different varieties regularly available.Not to forget the training classes…

A visit to Garden Guru will definitely satisfy you in your quest for all things gardening!

In my next post, I will write about the story behind our greenhouse.

Happy gardening!



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