Growing Cucumbers - How to grow cucumbers
Growing Cucumbers - How to grow cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers – How to grow cucumbers

Tips on Growing Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a versatile crop. Be it pickling, mixing into a salad or snacking right off the vine, cucumbers are a great choice.Growing cucumbers is  just as easy. Learn about growing cucumbers and enjoy bountiful harvest.

Types of Cucumbers

There several types of cucumbers, mainly slicing and pickling. There are several varieties in each type. Pickling types are shorter in length whereas the slicing cucumbers are longer and usually grow upto 6-8 inches in length before it is harvested.

Depending the size of the plant, there are compact varieties are available to grow in an urban garden with limited spaces.


How to plant cucumber seeds

Cucumbers are always started from seeds. Growing cucumbers from seeds is also very easy and cucumber seeds germinate readily if the environment is right. Seed starting takes about a weeks time. The seeds can be directly sown in pots and containers. Alternately the cucumber seeds can be germinated in peat plugs.

When to plant cucumber seeds

Cucumber plant is a warm weather crop and loves full sun. While growing cucumbers, it is important to plant them after the frost in case of temperate regions. Cucumber grows quite well in most of the Indian states.

When planting cucumbers, choose a location that has good sunlight, adequate drainage and the rich fertile soil. If it is a container, then ensure the drainage is proper. Add compost to enrich the potting soil in the container. It is good to start with a rich fertile potting mix for a good harvest. It is easy to make your own potting mix.

Planting cucumbers can be done in a container/pot or directly in the soil on the ground. When planting cucumber seeds, more than one seed can be sown and thinned as needed. In 5 gallon container / pot, a single cucumber plant can be grown successfully.

Cucumber Plant Care

Cucumber plants are vines and they usually require lot of growing space on the ground. If you have lots of space, then the cucumber plant can be allowed to spread on the ground. If space is limited, then cucumber plants can be trained vertically on a fence or a trellis. This also will keep the fruit away from the soil. 

Cucumber plants will require lots of water during the growing stage due to its large sized leaves. Ensure the soil doesn’t get dry.Feed them regularly with rich compost or a good water soluble fertilizer. With these tips, growing cucumbers and caring for your cucumber plants will be easy!


Growing Cucumbers - How to grow cucumbers
Article Name
Growing Cucumbers - How to grow cucumbers
Learn how to grow cucumbers with this guide to growing cucumbers.You will never have to buy them again from the market after you learn how to grow them in your garden.
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