Growing Mint - How to grow Mint in your garden

Growing Mint – How to grow Mint in your garden

Growing Mint in your garden

Mint is an aromatic, fast-growing herb that adds a refreshing flavor to any dish you add it to.In India,it is called “Pudina” in Hindi as well as most of the Indian languages. Be it chutney or Mohito, mint plant does magic. Growing mint is also very easy that anyone grow mint plant with less effort. Mint plant also grows vigorosly and invasively, eventually taking over lot of your garden space. Learn how to grow mint plant in your garden and you will never have to buy mint again from the grocery store.

Growing Mint Plant.

There are two ways to grow mint plant.

– Growing Mint plant from Cuttings
– Growing Mint plant from seeds
– Growing Mint Plant by root division

Growing mint plant from cuttings is the easiest and the fastest method too. Simply take a healthy strong cutting from the bunch.

How to grow Mint plants

The best way to grow mint plants is to plant them in a container. Planting mint plants in a container helps by stopping the mint plant from taking over the entire area. Mint plants are very invasive and can become a weed very soon. Simply plant a rooted cutting in a container leaving only couple of inches of the plant above the soil. Mint plant sends out special rhizomes under the from which new plants arise. Though mints are very easy to grow, it is good to remember that they love well drained rich soil. Mint plants can grow well in partial shade.

Harvest the mint leaves regularly to keep the growth of the plant in check.

Mint plant care

Though mint plants are fairly low maintenance plants, some times problems do arise. Due to their invasive spreading nature, they also attract pests. They are mealy bugs, root borers and aphids. These can be controlled by spraying neem oil.

Now that you know how to grow mint in your garden, what are you waiting for? go ahead, start growing.

How to grow Mint in your Garden
Article Name
How to grow Mint in your Garden
Mint is one of the fragrant herbs that is easy to grow. WIth these tips on growing mint in your garden, you will be able to grow different varieties of mint with huge success
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