Growing Jalapenos - How to Grow Jalapeno Plant

How to grow  Jalapeno Peppers – Jalapeno Plant Care


Growing Jalapenos - How to Grow Jalapeno Plant

Growing Jalapenos – How to Grow Jalapeno Plant

The Jalapeno pepper plant is the most important plant in your garden if you are into mexican cuisine. Jalapeno plant belongs to the same family as any solanaceae which includes bell peppers, fiery bhut jolokia. Despite being in the same family of hottest chillies, jalapeno peppers are not very hot in SHU scale and can be enjoyed by everyone. It is also the only pepper that is enjoyed when it is green and never ripened. Growing Jalapeno peppers is very easy if you provide the plants with rich soil that is well drained  paired with good sunlight.


Guide to Growing Jalapenos


Like many other plants in the pepper family, Jalapeno plants are grown seeds. Jalapeno plants like all peppers, perform well in well drained loamy soil. The soil should be rich in organic matter. Jalapeno plants love full sun and warm weather. When growing jalapeno peppers, remember to plant them in a place that gets full sun.


Jalapeno peppers can handle temperatures from 18 deg C to 30 deg C. The germination is faster at higher temperatures. For planting jalapeno peppers, refer to the peppers section in the sowing chart for the right sowing date for your location.


Tips on Jalapeno Plant Care

Though Jalapeno plant care is easy, remember to keep them watered and the soil moist when growing jalapeno peppers. While watering remember to not water the leaves as it can lead to fungal problems later.


Common pests to jalapeno pepper plants include aphids, spider mites, thrips. Usually a jet of water on the pests should dislodge them. The best way to get rid of pests is to use an organic pesticide like neem oil. Worms can be controlled by manual inspection and picking off the eggs and larvae.


Harvesting Jalapeno peppers

Jalapeno plant care includes harvesting them properly as well. Always harvest Jalapeno peppers when they are green and before they turn their color to red. The pepper should be firm in texture and without cracks.


Growing Jalapeno peppers can be fun and is a great way to add a touch of mexican cuisine to your garden. With proper jalapeno plant care, you will have a great harvest.



Growing Jalapenos - How to grow Jalapeno Pepper Plant
Article Name
Growing Jalapenos - How to grow Jalapeno Pepper Plant
Growing Jalapenos is as easy as growing any other chilli pepper. They are a good addition to your cuisine and they are easy to grow if you know how to grow Jalapeno pepper
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