World Environment Day Speech

Happy Environment Day 2016

As the title says, I would like to wish all of you an very happy environment day. Ideally speaking, every day of the year should be environment day isn’t it? You bet! Well we are definitely not in an ideal world. So we really need to think ways we can contribute to a greener environment. Doing your “bit” is not enough!. 364 days of abuse to the environment and you will do your “bit” for just one day? Isn’t fair.

Lets own up the mess we created and start cleaning it up. Start creating green spaces. Plant a tree where ever you can. Start with your terrace, setup a garden. Grow your own veggies. Spread the word and have more people start their own gardens. By doing this we are inspiring our kids to take on gardening and agriculture as a way of life.

World Environment Day Speech

World Environment Day Speech

My environment day started with an awareness talk on Urban farming to a very enthusiastic group of 50+ people who were part of a Patanjali Yoga Samithi. The session started at 6.30 AM and went for an hour.  I was amazed by the interested the kids showed at the event. My talk was on How to start your own terrace garden and how to take care of it.  We also discussed on Dos and Don’ts of gardening. The morning couldn’t have been better. I felt the need for awareness creation regarding growing your own food and urban farming as a whole. If we don’t do it, then who? So, I am committing to create more awareness creation sessions of this sort to ensure gardening takes on again as a hobby and a way of life.

So buckle up. We are going to the paint the town green!

Many people are inspired to start something towards a greener environment but they are not sure how. This is where awareness creation helps. If you want me to give a speech/talk on importance of urban farming and growing your own food. Please drop a note and me and my team will get in touch with you.

Please share this post to as many of your friends who stay in apartments/villas/communities.

Gardening Talk on World Environment Day 2016
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Gardening Talk on World Environment Day 2016
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  1. Hi, I am very much interested in learning more about kitchen/terrace garden, how can I contact you?


  2. Thanks for posting about world environment day. You’re correct, just paying attention to to he environment on one day is not enough.

    Mr. Bill

  3. Hurray for you! It is wonderful that you are doing something that give you so much joy and is a great help to others. Keep up the good work!

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