Health issues took sometime that i alloted for my plants.. hence the silence. However there are updates.. Here are things that i sowed in the mean time. Chilly peppers, tomato, Egg plant and lot of other flowering plants.

Perky chillies

Chrysanthemum cuttings

and Here are the batch of Chrysanthemum cuttings i made last week. So far they are doing ok. There were few leaves attacked by fungus but a spray of a mild strength fungicide took care of’em all.

Seed starting tomato, marigold

Bear with the picture resolution. They are all taken using Nokia 6600.

I am planning to take cuttings from a big coleus bush i have in a container. More pics of it later.


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  1. Hi GG, your garden is breathtaking!! read your blog on tomato seed saving, can the same be applied to marigold flowers we get from the market?
    Thanks, CD

    • Hi CD,

      Thanks for stopping by. Marigold flowers should be let dry on the plant and then collected. The seeds you see in the flowers purchased from market are not mature.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Really pleased to find your Blog site. Have been researching hydroponics for some time now and there are so many articles I am at a loss of how to proceed.Wife and I had almost given up on gardening–hot Florida weather, dry conditions and finally deer, deer, and more deer.
    Wife was one suggested hydroponics and I sort of turned up my nose–73 yrs old and an Illinois black dirt farmer most of my life. But, to humor her I began reading-WoW!

    Situation as of now==primary objecftive–herbs, all kinds: basic garden produce-tomato, bell pepper, jalepeno, beans,, squash, perhaps cantelope, basically a full garden range.

    Facility–10 x 20 fully enclosed glassed in sun porch, 12 x 12 portable shed, also an acre of land to do as we like, $ permitting.Have already aet up two float systems that the wife wanted just to get some herbs started. Am thinking about an 8 foot long DFT system with four 2″ chambers for her herbs and one 4 ” chamber for tomatoe plants.

    Would really appreciate you input–am able to maintain sun room less than 80 degrees and am pulling water from a 359 foot private well with a small iron content.

    Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You
    Buck & DeLea Buchanan

    • Hello Buck Buchanan,

      Sorry for the delay in response.

      8 foot long DFT will work very well for herbs and leafy veggies. Tomatoes also grwo well but the only problem is their roots grow very massive and endup choking the pipe. Please tell me what kind of inputs you are looking for. To start with, I would say get a ready made hydroponic nutrients available locally. Once you see good results , you can make it yourself.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

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