Lots of updates from my garden. Here is what i have been doing

Been to Lalbagh Flower show on Republic day( Actually went there twice 😉 The flower show was great. Got to see lots of varieties of Coleus, Baby Zinnia and its mouthful. Got myself lots of seeds to start and really really refreshing. One thing that I would like to mention in my post is that I stopped in a stall called “Vital Plant Products” that sold ayurvedic extracts for plants. At first it didn’t interest me. But I was interested in their potting mix that they were selling in 25Kg bags so I bought one of it.

Then I wanted to do a test drive on some ayurvedic extract called N.L. Keeping my fingers crossed I just got a tiny bottle that cost Rs 50. The next day I was really surprised.. to see that it smelled like Cow’s Urine. ( Should I say I was pissed off 😉 ). Then I looked at the ingredients and here is ..

“Panchagavya + Herbal plant extracts”.

What on earth is Panchagavya ?.

Panchagavya is a thick mixture you get when you blend 5(pancha) products from the Cow(gavya). Cow dung, Cow’s urine (i told ya), Milk, Curd and Ghee are mixed together at proper ratio and fermented for about 20 days and at the end you get a miracle liquid that really works wonders in your garden. Believe me!. I am a kind of person who wanted to see results before I blog. I am glad I bought that tiny bottle.

I mix that bottle’s cap full of Panchagavya in 0.5 litre of water and apply as a foliar spray. I am doing this weekly twice. My plants used to look weak before with not many shoots coming up and aphids ruling the whole garden. After applying the liquid for two weeks, I see a lush green garden and to my surprise no aphids at all. I mean it.

Every day I see lots of improvement in the plants. My tomato seedlings look bigger, stronger and greener. Rooting is profound in cuttings..

I am happy and I am going to use it forever.

Another article that fueled my quest for organic farming is

Click to access Organic_tea.pdf

By Respected Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayangarya

Perhaps Its time we Indians should start using the old techniques of organic farming mentioned in our vedic literatures otherwise the researchers abroad will follow it and tell us about it. 😛

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  1. Hello Shanthi,

    The panchagavya I have right now is the one I got from a Stall in Lalbagh during a flower show. I think lalbagh might have it still.

    You get panchagavya in chennai too. Are you asking for gardening purpose or medicinal purpose?

  2. Hi, this is for gardening. Most of my plants have wooly white ephids in them. Will this panchagavya will solve the problem?

  3. Hi,

    I had aphids and spider mites in my plants and couple of sprays were effective in getting rid of them. Also I cut the parts of plants that are highly infected and there is new growth now but no aphids.

    so the answer is yes, panchagavya is effective in controlling mites and aphids.

  4. You are welcome. By the way, until you get panchagavya, you can also get rid of aphids with a spray of neem-oil + dish soap solution. Let me know if you dont get panchagavya from bangalore, I will let you know about a place in chennai that sells the same.

  5. hi,
    please tell me where i can purchase panchagavya, and rooting hormone solution/ gel in Chennai.

  6. panchakvya is very effective in conrolling aphids a ommon problem in homegardening.you can enhance the efficasy byusing equal volume of casurina tea (10% leaves inwater-boiled well for 30 minues.)Spray 30ml of panchakavya wih 3o ml of casurina tea in one lire of waterto eliminate aphids and also few commom fungal disease.

  7. Delighted to read as it was very informative and chatty.can you tell me address of the place from where you got tomato seeds.I want to see if I can get seeds for tomatoes which I had eaten as a boy.Name? No idea.The tomatoes were very big(approx 250gms each) and very tasty.Help me.
    Maj Dodamani

    • Hello ,

      Welcome to my blog and I am glad you found it informative. I got the heirloom tomato seeds from Dept of Horticulture Hulimavu. Its in Hulimavu on Bannerghatta road in Bangalore. Landmark is Next to AECS magnolia school. I will try to soon post a map of the same place in this blog.

      I hope you find your childhood tomato in there. Gregori Altai is a variety where the fruit can weigh upto a pound.. you might get a better one too :).. If you need hybrid seeds, there are many places in bangalore you can get that. Which place you are from? If you need any help getting the seeds let me know.


  8. panchagavya is just one form of kunapa. the entire city waste of anyh city for ex;- the foul smelling water of the river cucum in madras, vriushabavati in bengalouru are very good plant protectors. but one must know how to use it instead of making it into an irritant pollutant.
    this is a tried one. is is hard to believe/ yet it is true.

    • Hello Sir,

      Welcome to my blog. I am very excited now.
      You must be Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayangarya. The author of Organic tea article. I have read your article countless number of times. I have a hardcopy of it and distribute it to many of my gardening friends. I also am impressed with the results you got in the Tea estate project you were given.
      Infact I have mailed you at vanadeva@rediffmail.com. Its makes me very happy to know that you visited my blog. I also have read about your interest to purify the Koramangala Lake.

      Thanks again for visiting my blog. We will be in touch.

  9. panchagavya is just one material. even the city sewage waste water can be used to protect plants. this is true but may not like like truth for one who has not practised or does not practice

    • I have read about all your kunapa formulations and me and my mom are a big fan of your article.

      Thanks again.

  10. Hi gg

    Very interesting post…… I have a doubt – when you say 3% solution of PG as foliar spray do you mix 30ml of PG in 1 lt. of water and …..how long does the smell of PG linger in the balcony? sorry for the very wierd question.


    • @Revathi,

      Its not a weird question at all. It doesn’t smell so bad after an hour or so. If the spray is very fine mist then you might get the smell around the plant for sometime. It doesn’t even last for half a day. So dont worryabout it.

  11. Hi,
    I am new to this blog. I have an acute mealybugs prob in my garden and need to resolve that
    Saw this blog and am really happy.
    Pl do tell me where I can get the Panchagavya spray in Chennai. URGENT.


  12. Hi gg, might be a very dumb question but, when you say foliar feed, u mean applying to the underside of the leaves i suppose. even if you do it as a fine mist, how does it stay on the leaves? n is PG supposed to be only foliar feed.. can t mix it with water and spray onto soil?

  13. nice to visit your site. what is the new development. now our work is being done in karnataka near mysuru on large scale. happy to work in the home environments after a long time. but there is more difficulty in working in home town than in alien country. it appears that working in an alien country has less problems than in the home environment.

    thanks a lot.


  14. the information provided and experience shared was very helpful. I gained more confidence in going for veg gardening.

  15. May I reopen this thread I recently heard of Panchagavya but get conflicting advise on the dilution so GG looking for your advise

    A.which of this is the right propotion:
    1. 30 ml in one litre
    2.3 ml in one litre

    B.How often can this be used once a month or more often
    C.Is it only to be sprayed on leaves or can it be poured at root
    D>Can it be for all vegetables like tomato, eggplant ,bittergourd,bottle gourd etc

    • Panchagavya increases the microbial population around the plants leaves/roots. It can be sprayed on leaves also watered to roots.

      The concetration is 30ml/litre and it can be increased upto 200ml/litres for hardy plants and large shrubs. It can be sprayed once a week. using 3ml/litre is so dilute that you may not see any effect at all.

      • There has been studies to show that 3% solution is the ideal dilution, increasing this does not give more effect. It is possible to burn the plants using higher concentration. The manufacturer mentioned his himself.

  16. Hi gg.. You have a very inspiring blog. Gives you that kick you need every time you are disappointed. I am from delhi and a new entrant in kitchen gardening.. Wanted to know which veggies/herbs will do well in the Delhi heat prevalent at this time of the yr. Since I am a new gardener I cannot wait till the winter sets in.

  17. Hi GG!
    Congratulations for your baby!
    I’m a first time visitor. But I was totally impressed & amazed by your latest post, & decided to read the whole blog in your posting order.
    … please tell me about the 25 kg organic potting mix bags you’d bought in 2008? Was it good? Was it adequate, i.e., nothing else required? Then I’d look for that brand. I and my husband would *like* to garden, very much, but we have zero experience, & would really like some “ready-made” solutions … so difficult to find in small towns!

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