With the plants paying off for all the hardwork i had put, its really time to enjoy the results. Yes, all the plants in my container garden are doing really well. With regular spray of panchagavya supplemented with vermicompost, they couldn’t be happier.

Sometime back I bought a Coleus variety called “Crimson velvette” which is now a bushy plant from which i have already taken 15 cuttings and I am excited to say that I have 100% success in rooting all of them. They are still in their mini greenhouse. Once they are ready to face the real world after hardening they will pose for a pic.

Tomatoes, Eggplants are all doing great. Here is a pic of 25 day old tomato seedling

Tomato seedling.

The tiny plants you see behind are cockscomb and couple of spinach seedlings that got into the cockscomb seed packet somehow ;).

Out of 6 chrysanthemum cuttings I made, just 2 were lucky. but then I rooted them using “Keradix” which is 2.2% humic acid and not really a rooting hormone. I also have IBA solution called “Quicroot” but they didnt mention the concentration of it.

Will make some more cuttings of the mums and post the results.

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