I have utillized all the vermicompost i had and I am planning to buy few more bags. Just few days before I got 3L of vermiwash and 2L of panchagavya from chennai. I am yet to spray panchagavya solution. Fever and sickness took whole of my last weekend.

Also, I took a picture of the ladies finger(okra) plant that is now raining okras. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. I had grown okra before in the ground and this is the first time I am growing them on container and the potting mix seems to have an effect on the plant.


Now there are lot of chillies and tomatoes that are starting to give fruits. Its gonna be fun watching them grow.

More later.

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    • Hi Vinay,

      I used to get panchagavya from Greenlands in Chennai(044 – 24660634). If you are from Bangalore, you can get it from DoH Hulimavu. Let me know if you couldn’t find it.


  1. Hi gg

    I am in Delhi and Greenlands would not courier Panchagavya. Do you know of any place here in Delhi where it is available?

  2. Good News to Panchgavya Lookers at Chennai

    I got it from Imran of v4organic. You may contact the following persons.

    Imran 9841792530 / Jayprakash 9600877686 / Vincent 9940525151

    Try your luck, all the best


  3. Hi,
    Where is panchagavya available in bangalore? I am very interested in growing hibiscus. I have 15 colors of hibiscus. Please let me know if I have to use special soil instead of normal red soil? Which will be good for hibiscus.
    Please guide me.
    What is the good manure for hibiscus?

  4. Yesterday I went to Lalbag and got Panchagavya. It was 150 Rs for 250 ml. Is it little bit costly? What is the rate in DoH Hulimavu?

    • It can be used. People have used chicken manure tea as hydroponic nutrient too. It is just that the nutrient should be in a form that plants can readily take and the consistency should be there on every batch of PG we make. Nice idea.

    • Hello sasikanth,

      That is very expensive. In fact don’t worry looking around for it at all. For pesticides use neem oil and also get a good quality vermicompost.

  5. Hi I am Shirley from mumbai. I want to know from where do I get vermicompost are they necessary? can I plant them in cocopeat and soil only?
    pls advice.

    shirley cardoza

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