A month before the Okra (Ladies finger) plants were like this as shown in the picture below.


And now the plants are very tall and producing one or two ladies fingers a day. I am so surprised how fast these plants grow and considering the fact they are in pots I must say they are doing a very good job.

I have 4 okra plants and Here is the produce for the day!.


It definitely is a great feeling when you get to eat veggies from your own terrace garden.

more later..

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    • Hi Poulomi,

      Okra seeds are available in most of the garden shops. The pods are left to mature on the plant and they will become dry and start to burst/explode. That pod is taken and seed is extracted from that. By store bought ones, you mean the Okra vegetable or the store bought seed?


  1. Hello GG,

    Initially I purchased seeds of okra from the shop. From the first plant, I let few okras to mature and dry and collected the seeds from them. But what I experience is that the plants grow well from these seeds, but the veggies become bulgy and hard when young. They do not grow straight. What would be the reason? Is it a problem with the seeds or is there any problem with the growing conditions? can you please help me?


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