I had few calendula seeds stashed since quite some time and I had tried seed starting them only to face failure. The seed packet costed me Rs 5. So I couldn’t complain. One day I just threw the bunch of left over seeds into a pot and watered them. It took very long and just when I thought I will toss the pot over, I see one cute little seedling peeping out.. I also had few other seeds that I sowed in and hence I didnt know what it was until the true leaves came out.. After that lot of progress, I watered; It grew and here they are happily posing to you all..

When I took my camera out to take the pic below, it was like 3 kids competing with each other for a photograph..

MyGarden 119












Look at this pic closely. How symmetrical, pleasant and charming… nature is awesome!!…

MyGarden 121












On a lighter note, the plant actually got little bushy with a good supply of nitrogen and it focussed less on flowering.. Nevertheless this beauty made me speechless…


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  1. Ah! This reminds me of my Pot Marigold (a different hybrid) that died months ago :(. She germinated really fast – within 2 days! May be the quality of seeds matters guess, but no matter how long it took, your blooms are gorgeous. May be I should try the Pot Marigold again later this year as the packet indicates it’s mix of colors, I might get the same color as yours! That bloom looks so gorgeous. What’s great about these is that their leaves smell great – kinda tangy and they’re not very fussy at all!

  2. Some plants just love to get their faces into a shot. The closeup shows how lovely the bloom is, with the overlapping petals. It looks like you have more buds still to delight you.

  3. hi,
    What might appear as just a potted plant to others, an ardent gardener can see the poetry in his blooms… the ability to see the magic of gardening and more importantly convey it others is really appreciable ! carry on the good work:)

  4. The Calendula blooms are lovely! I am also waiting for my calendulas to reward me with such beauties, but going by the weather in north India, I think I’ll have to wait as nothing blooms in such temperatures. Till then I’ll find pleasure looking at your gorgeous blooms.

  5. The calendula flowers are superb, captivating. Can u please send some seeds through courier, i will pay the charges whatever it is. my email is indumol@gmail.com. If u r willing, i will send my add


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