I had few calendula seeds stashed since quite some time and I had tried seed starting them only to face failure. The seed packet costed me Rs 5. So I couldn’t complain. One day I just threw the bunch of left over seeds into a pot and watered them. It took very long and just when I thought I will toss the pot over, I see one cute little seedling peeping out.. I also had few other seeds that I sowed in and hence I didnt know what it was until the true leaves came out.. After that lot of progress, I watered; It grew and here they are happily posing to you all..

When I took my camera out to take the pic below, it was like 3 kids competing with each other for a photograph..

MyGarden 119












Look at this pic closely. How symmetrical, pleasant and charming… nature is awesome!!…

MyGarden 121












On a lighter note, the plant actually got little bushy with a good supply of nitrogen and it focussed less on flowering.. Nevertheless this beauty made me speechless…


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