No, Its not about a flag or its color. This title is about my latest harvest from the terrace container garden.

I have 3 container with White Brinjal growing in them. By the looks of it, it was very clear why the name eggplant was given to it. But As I gave time to the plant for its fruits to grow, I ended up fruits of the size of an egg.. an ostrich egg…. I actually got 2 batches of the harvest in a weeks gap.

This guy was the biggest of all.













Batch 1:

The “Eggs” were really soft and had an amazing taste.













Batch 2: We have the red, we have the white and there is green 😉

By the way, dont start praising and give credit to the eggplant for bearing a Nokia cellphone. I just threw it in there to make the size of the veggies more sensible. The tomatoes and the chilles are from the garden too.












Tomatos are no less and are competing with the eggplant..












I am sowing Okra this week in 10 containers. WIll keep posted of the progress..

till then…


NOTE: Now the pics are taken by my good-old Nokia 6600. Bear with the quality and the clarity.

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7 Responses

  1. They look great. I was thinking that fellow bangaloreans should meet up sometime in lalbagh or something to exchange tips.

  2. Thanks for your blog. I was inspired by your blog and started with Spinach and Tomatoes in my little balcony. They’re doing well now … and I am now looking for Panchakavya!

    I support Lokesh’s idea. It will be nice to meet in a nursery (or may be DOH) so that novices like me can learn from you and others.

    BTW, I also have a 2000 sq.ft of land in Hosur that I want to convert into a organic veggie garden and I could definitely do with some tips!

  3. Hi,

    I feel so refreshed by looking at ur home gardening. I love gardening too but many times I grow tomatoes in my limited sunlight balcony, but it always die before it can bear any fruits, don’t know why. Actually I lost the interest of planting any vegetables but today I am motivated by you. Thanks!


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