Today was a very happy day. The reason was, This morning I had been to Dept Of Hort(DOH) to collect the seed packets. I am now Tomato Rich!!!.. I have all the heirloom varieties that are available in DOH. I think i am a seed-a-holic.

There are close to 20 varieties and all of them are attractive in their own way. I think I am going to have a tough time deciding which one to sow first. I sort of like’em all.

When I saw the list in DOH, there was no illustration on each variety. As a reason, I am writing this post to illustrate with pictures each variety.

1. Oxheart Orange:

2. Black Prince:

3. Des Andes:

4. Gregori Altai:

5. Black Plum:

6. Green Zebra:

7. Black Krim:

8. Caro Rich:

9. Orange Queen:

10. Gold Dust:

11. Podland Pink:

12. High Country:

13. Stupice Early:

14. Peasant:

15. Double Rich:


17. Santion

18.Bonnie Best

19. Golden delight.


21. Burbank

Thanks to Chandrakala of DOH for patiently packing all the varieties and thanks to google for fetching me images ;D

more later.


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