Bangalore is gifted with such a wonderful weather that we stopped waiting for seasons to sow vegetables. We sow them at our will. To some extent it is Ok since most of the veggies grow well round the year in Bangalore. However, for some veggies, it is important you wait for the right season to sow it.

In this post, we shall see the list of vegetables that can be sown in November.

Leafy Vegetables:

  • Palak ( Indian Spinach)
  • Fenugreek(Methi)
  • Lettuce.
  • Coriander.


  • Ash gourd
  • Ride gourd
  • Bottle gourd
  • Sponge gourd
  • Snake gourd
  • Water melon

Root crops:

  • Radish
  • Carrot
  • Beetroot


  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Knol Khol

Other Veggies:

  • Tomato
  • Chillies
  • Capsicum
  • Brinjal
  • Cluster bean
  • Peas
  • Bean.

Hope this info is useful to all of you who are gardening already and also to those of you who are thinking of starting.

This info is specific to Karnataka but should be applicable to Tamilnadu and AP as well. If you need info specific to your state let me know. I will include it.

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  1. Yes it is useful. I live in Pakistan and in my garden I am growing some of the vegetables listed above. And they are palak, reddish, carrot, brinjal and lettuce. How its great to know that we live in the same climate zone and sowing the same vegetables in our piece of land. Hope to stay in contact with you. You have a nice blog.

    • Hi Rabia,
      Good to hear that you are growing the veggies I mentioned and very happy to see that someone is benefited from the info. Keep in touch.


  2. Your tips are very useful. In fact, your blog has inspired me to plant vegetables on my balcony too. I live in Bangalore too and have just planted chillis, tomatoes, brinjal and capsicum and was wondering if this was the right time to do it.

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Thanks for stopping by and I am really happy that my blog inspired you to start a balcony garden. Where in bangalore you are located ?

      Happy gardening

  3. This is the most valuable part of your blog- making the information valid to our scenario.
    I’m all set and enthusiastic to do some planting. Thanks so much for the inspiration and info.

  4. HI gg,
    I live on Lavelle Road. Thanks for the good wishes. I don’t get much sun on my balcony these days — 3 hours at most — and so am keeping my fingers crossed that the veggies will come up okay.


  5. hi….its all v useful…tell us about the seeds of vegetables which we should sow in november,december for the coming summer….also tell me about lemon ,saffron and olives…..i have read that in asia they are easily grown….i will appreciate……..i m a regular reader of ur blog……regards …Erum

  6. I live in New Delhi and would like help with terrace container gardening. Currently the weather is wonderful but nights are getting cool and December-January can go to 6-10 degrees at night. What kind of soil mix and containers are required? I have a 1000 sq feet of terrace- south & west exposure. Overhead light is not an issue. I have a lot of potted plants and have only managed basil and a little rocket lettuce in pots. Would love to hear from you.

    • Hello GK,
      Welcome to this site. There are several folks from New Delhi who participate in this forum/blog. Introduce yourself in the forum and I am sure you will meet lots of people who are like minded.

      For containers, you can use red-soil+compost+sand/cocopeat in equal quantities. You can also use soilless media but that needs little more care. 1000sft of space is more than enough to grow most of your home needs.

      Good luck

  7. I live in Hyderabad. I have about 30 containers in my balcony. Most of them are of plastic and contain flowering plants – rose, Hibiscus, Lilly and other traditional plants. Now I want to grow vegetables in my pots. Your blog is very useful. It is nothing but service to the people. Thank you!

  8. Novices we are at this, but we we’ve started off anyway. I was scouting around to see what we could grow in Bangalore during this time of the year, and bham! I came by your site. Thanks for sharing such wonderful info.


  9. Please also mention the crops sown in North India during winter and summer. Secondly, please start a Hydroponic cultivation system in North India also or make your branch in Rajasthan. It will be very much helpful to the Farmers.Thanks and regards.

  10. your information was good
    but let me know leafy, roots, vegetables that can be grown each month
    please give month wise

  11. your information was good
    but let me know leafy, roots, vegetables that can be grown in Mumbai
    each month
    please give month wise

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