The year 2009 was a blast; the garden was coming along nicely and lots of sowing, harvesting, blogging, learning and discussing.. what not!.. An year passed by so fast and here we have, the all new 2010.

Let 2010 be a great year for gardening for everyone. I don’t usually have resolutions every year.But this time, I decided to make a few w.r.t gardening

  • Plan the garden. esp the seed starting so that veggies are available continuously.
  • Blog regularly and write articles that are useful for beginner.
  • Stop buying vegetables completely from outside and start self sustaining

MyGarden 207


Wish you all a very Happy New year!



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  1. gg, you are doing a great job! I have been visiting ur site for quite sometime..its great for beginners…! I like ur style of writing too…Have a great new year and good luck on u’r new year resolutions.!!

  2. hi gg,
    Happy NEW YEAR . I have planted one hybrid variety of hibiscus in soiless medium mix of vermiculite, perilite,and cocoa peat + compost which you get in nursery. My plant got infested with white mealy bugs. I use panchagavayam ,neem pesticide weekly once,still it is not going . Kinldy suggest what I should do.This is the only plant I am using in soilless medium.Plants in ordinary soil are O.K.

    • Hello ,

      Thanks. I am assuming the plant you have is in a pot. What I suggest is, using a strong jet of water, first remove/splash all the mealy bugs from the plant. Do this in a place away from all the other plants. Make sure you remove all the bugs you see on the plant. Especially under the leaves.Once you have removed all the mealy bugs. You can do a spray of panchagavya. Mix few drops of dish soap liquid to that. I am suggesting this way because, it is just one plant that is infested and in a pot.

      Keep us posted on how it went.

      • Hi gg
        Hope you dont mind my encroaching upon your blog space to post a reply to Kalyani’s problem
        Methylated spirit or rubbing alcohol as it is called which is available with any chemist kills mealy bugs and eggs instantly on contact. I would suggest that you take Rubbing alcohol in a bottle with a fine nozzle and apply drop by drop on the infested areas every day in order to eliminate it completely. Since it is only on 1 plant, it shd be quite easy to get rid of. Hope it helps and keep us posted on the results.
        Wish you all a very happy and successful Gardening Year 2010!!

        • Hi Revathi,

          I have no issues and thanks for your answer. I didn’t suggest the alcohol because you have to use it with caution on the plant. It can really burn the tender leaves/plant. As long as it is on the insects its fine. The best Idea would be to follow your advice and after like an hour or so.. give a complete shower to the plant.

          Happy New year to you too…

          • Hi Gg
            Rubbing Alcohol has not harmed my hibiscus plants, all of which are in pots – only this remedy worked for me. I had mealy bugs on all my chrysanthemum and hibiscus plants last year – but after this treatment all my plants are healthy now.

  3. “Stop buying vegetables completely from outside and start self sustaining” – that is definitely a dream to aim for and if you achieve that, that would be quite a hope to every urban gardener!
    Also looking forward to your seed starting plans this year. Very helpful.

  4. Hi GG:

    Wishing you a glorious new Year!

    The three goals are very highly inspiring! They would motivate and provide great support to beginners like me!

    I managed to find a source in krishnagiri for PanchaGavya. I am likely to get PG next week. I would like to send some amount to you ; this is a small token of thanks from me, for all the inputs I have got by reading your blog. Pls let me know when and where I can pass the same to you.

    Meena K

    • Hello Meena,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Blame it on my greenhouse. Thank you so much for your gesture. I am sending you a PM regarding the location.

      Thanks again.

  5. My best wishes for your garden. I am also planning to start a veggie garden, I am taking guidance from your blog. Thanks for all those posts.

  6. Hi GG,

    Happy new year to you too.

    This new year i want to start a small garden, with your help ofcourse. And also stop using plastic bags. I am giving away eco friendly bags on my blog. Stop by before 15th Jan to win one:)

  7. Hi GG

    Your three resolutions sounds great and I wish you all the very best
    to realise it.

    Have a blast!

  8. Hi gg,
    Great resolution, this will be same with me too. I wish to grow more and more as days pass by. I wish you could provide details of plants to be grown for year long instead of every month. This way we know before hand what seeds we must have before that month come.

  9. Hi GG,

    This is my first visit to ur page…Looks so nice…Wish I can do the same…

    Thanks and regards

  10. Happy New Year to you and your readers. Its nice to see so many persons in India taking to gardening following your blog. Keep up the good work! I visit Bangalore sometimes (once in two to three years), so I’ll take this opportunity to announce through your blog that I’ll bring some seeds with me and hand them over to whoever is interested – so far I have seeds of morning glory, hosta, myrtle and some other typical Japanese flowers. Gururaj (

    • Hi Gururaj,

      Thanks a lot for your offer. I will be interested in tomato varieties and bell peppers. Let me know when you arrive. We can meet up.


  11. GG

    Wish You a Happy New Year.

    Indeed I completely agree that we should as much as possible grow our own vegetables.

    I would definitely like to share my experiences.

    By the way any idea how much perlite and vermiculite costs?


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