Nothing can define summer better than piled up watermelons on the roadside. I still remember my schooldays, the way we used to buy slices of watermelon and eat them dripping the juice all over. I still love the watermelon for being such a nice fruit to eat and to grow!

Watermelon contains about 6% sugar and 92% water by weight. It is a good source of Vitamin C. Surprisingly, It seems that the white part of the flesh is highly nutritious but we all avoid them. 

Usually the ones that you see on the road sides weigh about 8-10 kg and are very huge in size too. For growing in our garden in containers, we don’t grow such varieties as their nutritional requirements is also quite high. So for this summer, I chose a variety called “Sugar Baby”. Its not too big in size. Its compact and suitable for our home needs (at least mine). It doesn’t have the traditional stripes. It is totally dark green.

I seed started them in small sized pots ( 6” dia) and they were transplanted into dustbin buckets and paint buckets after they showed 2-3 true leaves. The medium, as you can see is cocopeat.


 MyGarden 1094


14/4/2010 -  You can see the vine is already exploring my terrace. Shade net was of support to the vine. My idea was to let it spread on the terrace floor so that I dont have to worry about supporting the melon. But the plant’s idea was something else. So I let it decide what works for it. It started climbing the net and flowering at 2-3 feet high.

MyGarden 1245

4/5/2010 – The unexpected happened! I told you not to climb there!. As the fruit started growing, the stem started bending and it was going to break anytime. I think this fruit likes to hangout..

MyGarden 1314

Anyway I was not ready to lose a fruit so I kept a pot to support the fruit.

 MyGarden 1344

Well this is not the only fruit, there are couple more..

MyGarden 1373 MyGarden 1374

These are still growing. Lets see how big they get.



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