Some of you might wonder, Why am i writing a post on spinach. Growing spinach is the easiest thing right? Yes and that is exactly the reason why this post.
Growing spinach is the best way to make your way into gardening. Spinach is very forgiving, quick to grow and mature and we all like to eat it right? right? Ok may be some kids don’t. But we adults like it right? Please don’t say No. I have more to write about spinach.

Anyways, Spinach is a must grow for anyone who are toying with the idea of starting a kitchen garden. The seeds are easily available and quite cheap as well.  For Bangalore weather, it can be grown almost round the year. It can handle partial shade. So if you have a balcony that gets few hours of sunlight in a day. Spinach is the best bet.

Spinach is best grown in trays. Any tray that is 6 inch deep can be used for growing spinach. You can get creative as well. You can use old pet bottles and can grow a spinach plant in each of them.

Pictured below is a tray that is about 8″ deep( but 6″ will just do fine) filled with coco peat.  I sowed couple of seeds in every holes. They were sown in rows. The seeds are spaced at 3-4 inches in a row and rows are separated by 3 inches.  This is one week from the date of sowing. The seedlings are slowly emerging. If multiple seedlings come from the same hole, you can thin them to just one.

MyGarden 974

The above seedlings in just 1 month turn into lush green spinach plant. Imagine! In just one month from the date of sowing you get a good harvest.

I harvest them by cutting the mature leaves using a scissor and leaving the tender growing leaving the plant for the next harvest.  This way you can harvest for 4-5 times. And if you sow Spinach seeds every 10 days, you get to harvest spinach throughout the year. Isn’t that amazing. Look at the picture below. The ones that you get in the store are usually sad looking.

MyGarden 1079

This particular crop was grown using hydroponic nutrients. I used the one that I made for Tomatoes. I have grown Spinach in soil as well and it has come out very well too.

From Pot to Plate.

MyGarden 1080

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