Well, not exactly. It is my  blog that is moving. Moving to a self hosted setup.

Ever since I started this blog, life has been very interesting. Every day is exciting. I get to meet so many wonderful people through this blog. In fact, there is a beautiful virtual community that got created. I check my blog every day for new people, comments, questions or answers. Not a single day goes by without all these.

Thanks for being such a wonderful crowd and If not for the motivation and curiosity shown by you all, this blog wouldn’t have been possible at all.

As of now, this blog is associated with wordpress.com. While wordpress.com is such a wonderful place for bloggers to have their blog, there are few limitations as well. There is not a lot of freedom in terms of features. Hence I decided to move to a self hosted setup. So what does this mean to all of us? How are readers impacted?

The transition is very transparent to the readers. In the coming days, I will be making that transition. Once the transition is complete, I have lot of stuffs in store for everyone. Trust me!

Readers can continue to access the blog/website by its name http://geekgardener.in/ .

Many of the readers of this blog have subscribed for new posts as well as comments. If you are subscribed, an email is sent to you whenever a new content is added in this blog or a new response is made to your comment.

Blog subscription:

Please use the link below to subscribe to my blog posts so that you get notified whenever there is a new post being added. Your previous subscription with wordpress.com may not work after the move. Hence to continue to get updates, I suggest you subscribe using the following link.

Blog subscription by Email: Geekgardener’s Weblog

Comment subscription:

If you want to be notified of any new comments that get added, please use the following link for subscribing to comments. Based on the post, sometimes comments can be voluminous and one might receive multiple emails per day. Please do remember, this is for site-wide comments. If you do not want too many emails, RSS subscription (given next) is the best option.

Comment Subscription by Email: Geekgardener’s Blog Comments


Subscription for Blog posts:   Subscribe to Posts in a reader

Subscription for comments:   Subscribe to Comments in a reader

Again at any point in time, if you see there are too many emails coming in, you can always unsubscribe and keep your inbox lean.

Thanks for reading till this part. Please feel free to ask any question you have. I will be more than happy to help as always.

Hopefully All of you are on the truck!

Hop on with me. Lets move forward!.


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27 Responses

  1. That is great progress! Looking forward to even more awesomeness on the new site. All the best GG!

    I also had a request.. is it possible for us to see what can be sown each month at a glance. I know you keep posting it, but searching at some future point of time did not seem to work for me.

    • Thanks a lot Asha for the wishes and the motivation.

      I totally agree with you on the searching part, its painful.
      I am working on a google calendar and will post it asap.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Dear GG
    You are true. Reading ones post on blog or twitter is kinda addiction but same is with the core i.e. gardening. Thanks to rains, my house plants are competing with plants of Banglore or Calcutta(suddenly money plant’s leaves are big in size,wish it could be associated with flow of money), but vege ones are lil worried. I have planted few mum’s yesterday. Basically I am enthu abt greenery, whether its house plants or vege or floral.
    Not very tech savy but hope won’t find any problem while you are moving……….
    Happy gardening!!!!
    Green enthu

    • Let me know if money plants’ lush growth translates to money, I will get few 100s of them in my garden ;).
      Talking about mums, I have 2 mums Pink and Orange Red blooming like crazy.

      I am trying my best to make the transition smooth. Hopefully you wont find any problem.

  3. Congratulations on your growth! You certainly deserve even more. However, I hope you are not moving to Afghanistan or some such location as the picture seems to suggest. Fantastic photograph. How did you come to lay your hands on it? Regards & wishing your blog even faster progress in the days to come.

    • Thank you so much for the wishes.

      Ha ha!. It is definitely not the place what the picture suggests. Thanks. I was looking for a picture that best describes what I am trying to do(esp not missing a single reader of this blog). Me and my colleague were searching for different pics (searched “we are moving” in google) and got this pic. 🙂

      Thanks for showing interest and constantly motivating.
      Happy gardening

  4. Hello,
    I had seen your blog only on last week while am searching on google what is hydroponics, I got all about this from your blog. You are an amazing guy. I go through all of your blog. Its really wonderful. One thing i find in you is you r a very good teacher of hydroponics. I will use your blog as reference guide in future and also recommend to my friends. really u amazed me.
    While going through ur blog i had few doubts, first u mentioned about panchagavya and organic farming. Actually i am interested in organic farming. So can we grow plants hydroponically using panchagavya. Can we make achievement (not commercially) using organic manure in hydroponics.
    About me,
    I am a govt servant in kerala and i like agriculture. Its my only hobby to grow plants. My native is in palakkad.

    • Hello Hariprasad,

      Thanks for those nice words. Somehow your post, didn’t show up in the comments folder. Hence the delay. Using organic manure for hydroponics has been tried out. Chicken manure tea was used in one of the websites. It is feasible but an experiment has to be done.

      Nice to hear about your hobby. Please do become a member in this forum and we all can learn.


  5. Hi,
    I visit your website almost daily to check for updates. When are you moving? I don’t want to miss the bus 🙂 I get a lot of inspiration from your posts and am going to start growing vegetables soon.
    Keep up the great work and please post soon.


  6. Hey!
    All the best for the move 🙂

    I have a Q. I have just one balcony and it is already crammed with flower and herb pots..so no space for veggies (much to my despair). However I have a large corridor and utility space where I receive plenty of light but absolutely no sun (thanks to the rooftop being covered). What are the kind of plants that I can have here? I’d be glad to shift some of my flower and foliage plants here to make space for veggies 🙂

    • Hello Malathi,

      Thanks for the wishes. For such shady spaces you can grow veggies like Palak, lettuce, methi and mint. You can also grow some root veggies but they will yield not so great sized roots but anything from our own garden is good. I am sure someday the veggies plants are going to compete against your flower plants.


      • Hey GG, thanks. Am going to start by moving my mint pot to this covered area and see what happens. If that works, then the rest follow

        When do we get to see your new site?

  7. GG,
    Any idea where i can get calcium nitrate & epsom salt at Bangalore? is there any specific brand name i have to ask for?
    i am starting some hydroponic experiments as suggested in the internet, with miraclegro + calcium nitrate + epsom salt as the nutrient solution.

    Awaiting your reply…

    • Hi GoodEarth,

      Calcium nitrate is availabe in NewTharagupet. You can just ask for calcium nitrate. Epsom salts can be found in medical shops. Where do you plan to get MiracleGro? is it available in Bangalore?.


  8. Thanks GG!
    i already have MiraclGro. got it at the Lalbagh show this year, from one of the stalls – not sure if it is the “original” one… anyway giving it a try.

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