Ta da! We have “finally” arrived after a month’s journey.

First of all, I am really sorry for the long wait you all have to go through. I know several of you were waiting patiently and looking forward to the new website with your eyes wide open.

There were several “Are we there yet?” queries;  “Are you alive?” queries ;-). I am very much alive and kickin’

Remember? I mentioned that more interesting stuff is coming up? This is the time to unveil them.

Every time I wrote a post, many of them read, many of them comment back and ask questions. From the traffic pattern, I have observed the comments are so informative and valuable that they are equally important as the post itself. All this means something, isn’t it? When people communicate/discuss, valuable information gets shared and that is great. With that in mind, I am presenting to you the much awaited “Forums”.

With forums, you can ask questions your heart out and answer your brain out. No more asking me if it is ok to answer another person’s query in my blog. It’s your forum and you run the show. All you need to have is a question or an answer or even an opinion. Do keep your wits high. Because, a gardener is one with a good sense of Humus Humor.

To ask/answer questions in this forum, please register using the following link. For everything else one needn’t register.

Registration Link

There are some basic forum rules/etiquettes that need to be followed so that the forum remains a nice place to hang out.

1.    Post your question in the relevant forum. This way you get prompt and meaningful replies and makes it easy for others to follow as well.

2.    Do NOT use this forum for your commercial purpose. Any reference to blog/website for promo purposes will be moderated. Bandwidth and Storage cost me a lot. Please let me know if you have any commercial interest and for a nominal fee I can entertain such requests.

3.    Do NOT post a question more than once in order to get quicker response. Everyone in this forum, have volunteered for this and also have a main job. Please respect their time.

4.    No abusive/provocative languages please! And please avoid SMS languages. Tis dfclt to unstnd wht u typ if u use sms styl.(For the rest of us: “It is difficult to understand what you type if you use SMS style”

5.    Stick to the topic of the forum.

6.    Use a title that accurately describes the topic under discussion. This will attract those who have something to say about your topic. Vague titles are easily missed and can lead to an unsatisfactory response.

Example for vague titles:

New to gardening. Help me

Help! Plants are dying


Help Plants are not growing

You cannot make anything out of this even if you are an expert in psychology. Descriptive and accurate titles are very important.

Excellent Titles:

Zucchini flowers don’t produce.

How do I keep mealy bugs away?

7.    Limit Discussions to ONE Topic

Bringing multiple topics in the same thread not only dilutes the topic in question but also causes confusion for a reader. Go ahead and create a new topic. It’s so much easier.

There are so many I need to thank for this to happen.

Thanks to,

My wife for her constant support and cooperation through this migration process.

Blog Readers and friends who constantly checked with me on the progress and encouraged me. Especially the reader “skoka123” who has been constantly in touch with me regarding forums and also did help me in testing some of these stuff.

I am not done yet. This is just the beginning of new features getting added. Next week, there is another surprise in store waiting for you all.

Until then, Interact & Have fun!


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