Every gardener’s dream is to sow a seed and wait for a bountiful harvest. The joy is more if the vegetable is quick yielding. Quick yielding veggies are a boon to an impatient gardener. Radish is one of those veggies that gets ready for harvest in no time. There are varieties that is ready to be picked in just a month. Can you believe it?

Another best part is, Radishes can be grown in containers very well. Different shapes and sizes make it a must try for any one who wishes to grow veggies. Most of us are familiar with the radish that is long white. What about Red round , long pink or white round ?

Before we get to the growing part, little bit of information about Radish itself. Did you know? Radish belongs to the same family as Cabbage, Cauliflower, Mustard and Turnip. You can easily identify them with the shape of their cotyledons.

If you are a first time gardener who wants to try something quick, Radish is the answer.

Now to the growing part.

Radish needs a fertile, loose and well drained soil. Potting medium made of equal quantities of Red soil, cocopeat and well decomposed manure is essential. Ensure the manure is well decomposed. Since Radish is a quick crop, it is necessary that we use a good potting medium to begin with.

In this post, I am going to post pictures of Long white radish and French breakfast radish growing in container.

For growing long radish, take a container that is at least 1 foot deep and for French breakfast radish any tray that is 6 inches deep will do.

Pictured below is a week old Radish (French Breakfast) seedlings. I have sown two per hole and later I will thin them to just one. Radish seeds can be sown 1/2 inch deep and they germinate in 3 days. Radish seeds are sometimes used to mark the places where other seeds such as carrots are sown.

Day – 7

french breakfast radish seedlings

The long white ones can be sown in dust bin pots or paint buckets(20l).

Approx 3 weeks old Radish plants. This is long white growing in buckets filled with red soil, cocopeat and manure. Plants are thinned to provide 2 inch spacing between plants.

15 days old radish

If you are growing them organically, well decomposed vermi-compost can be added after a week.

If adding artificial fertilizer is ok, then a weekly dose of 19:19:19 (at 2-3g/litre) would give a good boost.

Radish French breakfast – 21 days after sowing

3 week old radish plants

One month old plants.

one month old radish

Look closely, you can find well formed radishes.(one month old)

Radish forming

These radishes can be harvested when they are a month old. If you want bigger ones, leave them for another 10 days but not more than that. If you delay harvesting, the radish will get starchy(with hollow core) and will not be good. I started harvesting one or two everyday.You can also take few leaves for your consumption as they grow, but leave some for the plant as well. Leaves of white radishes are little smooth and those of red(european/french) will have tiny spines).

exactly 40 days later,


french breakfast ready for harvest

Check out the white radishes after 40 days.

Radish ready for harvest


Beans, Radish and Okra from the garden. This one was a huge radish grown in 8L dustbin container.

Radish harvest

Radish leaves are also edible.

Radish harvest

The veggie on the extreme left is not radish. It is Turnip. I will write another post on growing turnips.

Radish harvest

Radish harvest basket


Ah! Pests. How can they be forgotten. Flea beetles are quite common with radish. Since it flies and hops around, spraying neem will not help. One can cover the crop with a mosquito net or insect proof net. That is very effective. Don’t over crow the crop.

Flowers and Seeds:

Radish when left to grow, will send out a flower stalk and start flowering to produce seeds. Radish flowers are very beautiful and sprinkles color in your garden.

Radish flower Radish flower

Where there is a flower, there is a seed as well right? The best part is, the seed pod is also edible. Taste the seed pod and it will taste the same like radish. Awesome isn’t it? Let the seed pod dry and there you have seeds for the next season.

Radish edible seed pod Radish edible seed pod

Radish seeds are available in most of the seed shops. I have the following varieties for sale.

  • Red round – Radish scarlet globe.
  • Red Elongated – Radish French Breakfast ( Red radish with white tip).
  • Long white – Radish Mino Early ( 30cm long Japanese white Radish)
  • Long Pink

Contact me using the contact form if you need any of the above varieties.

Finally I was able to finish this post. Hopefully it wont be too long before another post.


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