By popular demand, Monthly sowing calendar  is back. This time I decided to put it up as a permanent page of this website.

Most of the frustrations that gardeners go through are because of sowing a vegetable in a wrong season or environment. Especially for our Indian weather conditions, where there are lots of variations, having a sowing chart is essential and also saves lot of time, effort and needless to say Money!.

The first step to a successful yield is to sow at the right time and with the right environment. Considering that in mind, there are two charts provided. One of them is Sowing calendar for each month.

The other chart I am talking about is “Ideal Germinating conditions”. This chart gives the optimum temperature required for germination of various vegetables and not just that, It also provides the information on what vegetables need to be direct seeded and what need to be transplanted. Trust me! This question is there in every novice gardener’s mind.

How to use this chart:

You want to know what can be sown next month? Refer  Sowing Chart

You want to know when I can sow watermelon? Refer Ideal Conditions

Hope this information is helpful to everyone . If you feel happy about this info and get all excited and grateful, there are couple of people who made this happen. My sincere thanks go to the passionate gardeners Satish Dayal and Asha.  Thanks to both of them for continuous follow up and also for providing  sowing  calendar which formed the basis for this one.

Everyone, Please feel free to discuss about it in the forum. If you find out any errors, omissions or have any suggestions or good idea, dont hesitate to bring them to my attention. Lets all work together to make this calendar more informative and applicable to different parts of India.

Have a pleasant growing season and .. Plan before you sow!


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19 Responses

  1. Thanks GG. Perfect timing. I just picked up seeds from Lalbagh this weekend for my first balcony garden. 🙂

  2. Hi GG,

    Finally the long awaited chart is here. This must be made a sticky. Thanks for the efforts.


  3. Hi GG,

    Looks like you have corrected the Frenchbeans chart but the ‘South India’ column is blank.


    • Yeah, you got it right. I am working on correcting it. I used a script to htmlize the column based data I had and some bugs crept in :P. I am working on it and will be fixed shortly. (Radish has some issues too)

  4. Hi GG
    Three cheers to you for such a commendable work on calendar!!!
    Thank you for considering request of north indians like me and providing information for us.
    You should be called “THE GREAT GARDENER” and I am sure many will agree with me.
    Happy gardening

  5. HI GG,

    Just a point came to my mind. if you can just add another column saying what is the ideal container size for each of the plants in the sowing charts, it’d be of even more help.

  6. Yay!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you – for taking the trouble to organize the season and the conditions! That is quite a bit of hard-work there! Now we have a ready reference page for our area and climate. Over these few gardening years, I’ve come to realize the importance of looking out for right times for sowing etc.
    Thanks for the nagging credits 😉

    btw, we’re enjoying quite the bountiful harvest from your palak, lettuce (surprisingly) bok choy, red radish etc.. The water melon, and the beetroot are still kind of picking up – so not too sure. I didn’t seem to have too much luck with the tomatoes this time. Now I’m waiting for may to come to get more seeds from you.

  7. Hi GG
    Hats off to you for the calendar!!! Thanks for accommodating the request for details for north india separately in your chart.
    I am really excited about the next chart.
    One suggestion: Most of the seed companies have different varieties(dwarf) for containers. Can you put the variety name also in your next chart. It will help in getting better yield in container.

  8. If from bombay which one should I follow ? The north or the south.
    Many thanks for getting this calendar together & posting it !

  9. Hello,
    The Sowing Calender you have mentioned is related to Vegetables and not to different flowers. I want perfect Sowing seeds
    Calender regarding flowers like Dahlia, Cosmos, Petunia, Gazania etc. with Indian Climate and especially for Saurashtra region as I am
    Living near Jamnagar, Gujarat.

    Please give me some suggestion and tips for the same. I am a Flower garden lover.

  10. Hi GG,

    Presently in Gujarat, I think i have been following your website for the past 6-7 months, though intermittently but with great interest. With a lots of open ground space available at my place, i have with great joy been able to grow, distribute around and enjoy veggies like – tomatoes, chillies (rite now i have also got dried red chillies out of them), brinjals, palak, onions, bitter guard, pudina and beetroot…. all for the first time!

    This renewed sowing chart that you have uploaded is a great help to all of us indeed. I was thinking of late to try out strawberries and sweet corn and was collecting some gen about them.. so i guess you may like to include them also in the chart,

    THanks a ton for regular updates!

  11. I am an individual, I do not know much about agriculture.I am not a Farmer .I accidentally saw in the internet “The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner” I was amazed to here how Steiner was then (150-200 Years) was thinking about agriculture far ahead in the years to come. “IT WAS GREAT”. Thank you for who ever has placed the you tube on the internet. My heartfelt thanks to them. Ramesh M Appaiah 17/03/2015

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