I mentioned about conducting a seed swap event on kitchen garden day in my previous post. Here are some more details about the event.


Timings: 1PM to 4 PM 28th August, 2011 (Can be extended )

Location: My residence (Bannerghatta Road), Map located below.

Now its time to talk about what are all the activities we are going to be doing in the meetup.

  1. Seed swap
  2. Questions/Answer session(on anything related to gardening)


Seed Swap:

A seed swap event is a gathering where gardeners bring their seeds to a common place and trade it for the seeds of their choice with fellow gardeners. Our meet up is no different. All of us have our own gardens and all of us end up getting lots of seeds. Most of them we use ( or try to use) and the rest sleeps in the shelf waiting to see daylight. This meet up is to start first of its kind in Bangalore.

What you should do:

  • Bring the seeds you have with you to the event.
  • Have a wish list – list of seeds you want.
  • Have a trade list – list of seeds you have.

Once you have the lists, it is easier to know what you have and what you need. From the previous one-on-one seed swap events I had, I can say you would be surprised at the kind of varieties of vegetable seeds all of us have.

It is good to bring your seed collection and trade it but if you are a beginner, you might not have such a collection. Don’t worry. In that case, you can still drop by and if you like a particular seed/variety, you can buy it for a fee( decided by the owner of the seed). This is because seeds of rare variety of plants are usually expensive and hard to find. Seed swap is mutual so if the other person already has what you have and if you want some of his/her collection, it becomes seed sharing which can be free/priced based on the seed and its availability.

I am really excited about the event because it provides easy access to seeds that otherwise are very difficult to find. So if you are looking for the tastiest lettuce, vibrantly colored tomatoes and hottest chilies, Come Join us for the seed swap on 28th Aug 2011.

How to reach my place:

  • Take bannerghatta Road and drive towards Indian Institute of Management(this comes on your left).
  • Immediately after the end of IIM Campus, Take a left. Keep going straight. You will see a dead end. Take the right and immediate left.
  • Continue straight (you will see lots of parks on your left) till you are in an intersection. There is a super market called E.K. Retail on your right.  From that intersection take the road that goes straight. From that point, you can actually see the greenhouse on my terrace. ( Landmark: Jana’s Dental clinic at the beginning of the road)
  • Fortuna Meadows is on the right side of Kodichikkanahalli Road.


If you have any questions about the event or need help with directions to my place please feel free to send me an admin@geekgardener.in

People who are attending are requested to send me a note so that I can plan it better.



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11 Responses

  1. i wish i live in Bangalore. 🙁
    May be someday i will found some friends of same interest near my place.

  2. Hi Mani,
    Wont be able to come this weekend to bang frm chennai..got product delivery 🙁
    Wishing all the success for the event..

    waiting for the posts on the same..will try to meet you some time…

  3. i really wish i were in bangalore too, is there anyone you know selling seeds of herbs and vegetables, i don’t mind buying them. i live in mangalore

  4. gg, thanks a lot for a useful and enjoyable session. I’m thrilled with the cucumber and lettuce seeds I got from you, the passion fruit vine from Edrica and strawberry plant from Asha. All in all, a truly fruitful day!

  5. GG,

    Thanks a ton for arranging this session. It was great being there and it was truly worth every second.
    It was nice meeting so many passionate gardeners. Hope to be a part of many such sessions in future.

    Thanks for all the seeds (Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Bhut Jolakia and spinach). Can’t wait to start with them.

    Warm regards,

  6. I am happy that I live in Blore but very sad that I got my eyes on this blog only today!!!!!! Wish the meet is conducted again soon. GG, could you plan to conduct a class kind a thing for beginners?


  7. Hi, I would like to attend the next kitchen garden day if possible. I live in Begur. I may visit your shop one of these days. Do you know of any cacti and succulent collectors or clubs in B’lore?

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