Thanks for the amazing response for the video series. I am excited to post another video of lettuce.

This is a continuation to the last post Hydroponic Lettuce Video Part I. After 10 days of the first video, I shot this one and the growth is unbelievable. All it takes is about 30 days from transplanting to harvest in the hydroponic DFT setup.

Hydroponic Lettuce growing in Deep Flow Technique–Lollo Rossa

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  1. how much does this hydroponic set up cost? suppose i want it for about 20 plants? an indicative price will be helpful. will you be able to send me the stuff needed to hyd?

  2. Hi Geekgardener my name is manjunath I already started rooftop garden by getting inspired from you, but i am cut short with basic info, like i tried to get coconut peat from more mega store (mahadevpura, luckily) but now i am more intrested in understanding where to get gypsum, and nutrients for plants in Bangalore, and also i would like to know if i can get seeds like lettuce, broccoli etc. please give me some reference to the stores or shops to get this.

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