Thanks for such a good response on the videos. It is really motivating. Many of them wanted a video of the entire life cycle of the plant and also possible narration of growing methods along side.  That is exactly what I am doing now.

Some of the videos were shot without audio. Now, I am recording all the videos with narration. I used to think, that recording an audio/video should be very easy. You just talk..Isn’t it.. Apparently not so, when I started taking these videos. The moment I switch on the record button in the camera.. suddenly the situation changes.. one becomes all conscious, all kinds of disturbances happen only during that 10 minutes of silence you need… I have so many blooper videos which we keep watching and laughing later.. so anyway.. easy or tough, there is going to be lots of videos from now.

Here are the videos of Seedless cucumber growing in my greenhouse. Check it out

A short clip of Cucumber growing hydroponically in the greenhouse


Early stages of cucumber grown using hydroponics.


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Until next video


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6 Responses

  1. Great work.
    I am seeing difference of opinion about taste of hydroponic vs soil grown vegetables. Which one tastes better in your opinion?

    • Hi Raj,

      One cannot say which one tastes better. Soilgrown or hydroponics, the taste depends on the cultivar/variety of the plant and to some extent on the nutrition the plant gets. If soil grown plant is given what it wants.. you will get the good tasting tomatoes.,

  2. Many of the fruits and vegetables grown and harvested in mass numbers and sold in supermarkets have tough skins to facilitate machine harvesting, sorting and shipping. The advantage of hydroponic home grown vegetables is that they taste better, fewer pesticides are required and they have superior nutritional value.

  3. GG,

    Where do you get these polybags? I could see that these are cylindrical and not compressed on any side. I too purchased some polybags, but they arent cylindrical as these.

    How are they called in the market. I asked for bags to grow plants. Please suggest.


  4. Hi Geekgardener,

    Many thanks your cucumber formula. It been doing very well in my small balcony hydroponic NFT system. Thank very much again. I am planning to grow bean and maybe some vegetable or flowers coming month. And appreciate if could give any suggestion on these formulas.



    PS I wish to post some of my cucumbers photos can you tell me how to do it, thanks.

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