Garden Guru – Gardening Store in Bangalore

Remember, In my last post, I mentioned that there is a surprise waiting in store. Some of you might have already guessed.

I am opening a garden store in Bangalore. .

The store’s name is Garden Guru.  It will be open from this Sunday, 8th 0f July 2012. We also have an online store for gardening.

I am in this venture along with another green evangelist, Roxy Philip.Roxy Philip is a hydroponic enthusiast and he has experience in growing lettuces in greenhouse in Denmark.

Please drop by on Sunday to my brand new store.

A little bit of history is required on why I came with the store.

From the day I started this blog, the main intention was the following.

  • Promote urban gardening
  • Share the knowledge on gardening and horticulture.
  • Provide detailed methodologies for growing plants in the Indian context.

I think all of the above 3 were fulfilled (atleast to some extent if not 100%) in the last 4 years of this website’s existence. 1000s of gardeners visit this site every single day. But do all of them succeed.? People who are successful, continue to garden and people who failed, thought they don’t have a green thumb. Is there a thing called ‘green thumb’?   People without greenthumb fail ?  No.. It is several small things that annoys people who start to garden.

Most of the times it was the non-availability of the materials that killed the enthusiasm of budding gardeners. There is no other to way to solve this problem but to take things in your own hands.  Another big problem in the gardening arena is below.

Most of  the people  don’t garden

those who garden don’t share

those who share don’t sell

and those who sell don’t care..

Garden Guru is an attempt to solve this problem.

A garden store by a  gardener for a gardener.



Location of our Store:


Store Timings:   Morning : 9AM-6PM

We are open all days of the week except on Sundays.
Store Address:

Garden Guru

#93/1, BTS Layout Main Road, Bilekahalli
Opposite to BESCOM Office
Bilekahalli, Bangalore 560076

Phone: 080-42116217


 Products Available at the moment:

 Hydroponics/Potting Medium:

  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Hydroton
  • Jiffy Plugs


Gardening Inputs:

  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Flowering Seeds
  • Compost
  • Oil Cakes
    • Neem Cake
  • Organic Manure/Fertilizer

In organic Inputs:

  • NPK Plant nutrients

Gardening Accessories:

  • Pots
    • 12″, 10″, 8″, 4″ – Black
    • Ceramic Designer Pots
    • Terracotta Designer Pots
    • Hanging Baskets
    • Tulsi Pots ( Plastic , Ceramic)
    • Window Planters

There are more products expected in the coming weeks that will cover complete organic gardening spectrum. For localites, you can pick up anything anytime. For people from other states, an online shopping cart is getting ready and will be announced soon. If you need any of the items mentioed above. Send the list of items, your address and contact number to

This is what I was doing last few months, if you were wondering about the frequency of posts and delay in my replies.  Like the blog, I intend this store to be a helpful resource in terms of encouraging budding gardeners.

With all your support , I think I can make it a successful venture.

As always, Happy Gardening and happy shopping as well.  A more illustrative and picture oriented introduction to the store is being made and will be posted in couple of days.


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