Garden Guru – Gardening Store in Bangalore

Remember, In my last post, I mentioned that there is a surprise waiting in store. Some of you might have already guessed.

I am opening a garden store in Bangalore. .

The store’s name is Garden Guru.  It will be open from this Sunday, 8th 0f July 2012. We also have an online store for gardening.

I am in this venture along with another green evangelist, Roxy Philip.Roxy Philip is a hydroponic enthusiast and he has experience in growing lettuces in greenhouse in Denmark.

Please drop by on Sunday to my brand new store.

A little bit of history is required on why I came with the store.

From the day I started this blog, the main intention was the following.

  • Promote urban gardening
  • Share the knowledge on gardening and horticulture.
  • Provide detailed methodologies for growing plants in the Indian context.

I think all of the above 3 were fulfilled (atleast to some extent if not 100%) in the last 4 years of this website’s existence. 1000s of gardeners visit this site every single day. But do all of them succeed.? People who are successful, continue to garden and people who failed, thought they don’t have a green thumb. Is there a thing called ‘green thumb’?   People without greenthumb fail ?  No.. It is several small things that annoys people who start to garden.

Most of the times it was the non-availability of the materials that killed the enthusiasm of budding gardeners. There is no other to way to solve this problem but to take things in your own hands.  Another big problem in the gardening arena is below.

Most of  the people  don’t garden

those who garden don’t share

those who share don’t sell

and those who sell don’t care..

Garden Guru is an attempt to solve this problem.

A garden store by a  gardener for a gardener.



Location of our Store:


Store Timings:   Morning : 9AM-6PM

We are open all days of the week except on Sundays.
Store Address:

Garden Guru

#93/1, BTS Layout Main Road, Bilekahalli
Opposite to BESCOM Office
Bilekahalli, Bangalore 560076

Phone: 080-42116217


 Products Available at the moment:

 Hydroponics/Potting Medium:

  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Hydroton
  • Jiffy Plugs


Gardening Inputs:

  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Flowering Seeds
  • Compost
  • Oil Cakes
    • Neem Cake
  • Organic Manure/Fertilizer

In organic Inputs:

  • NPK Plant nutrients

Gardening Accessories:

  • Pots
    • 12″, 10″, 8″, 4″ – Black
    • Ceramic Designer Pots
    • Terracotta Designer Pots
    • Hanging Baskets
    • Tulsi Pots ( Plastic , Ceramic)
    • Window Planters

There are more products expected in the coming weeks that will cover complete organic gardening spectrum. For localites, you can pick up anything anytime. For people from other states, an online shopping cart is getting ready and will be announced soon. If you need any of the items mentioed above. Send the list of items, your address and contact number to

This is what I was doing last few months, if you were wondering about the frequency of posts and delay in my replies.  Like the blog, I intend this store to be a helpful resource in terms of encouraging budding gardeners.

With all your support , I think I can make it a successful venture.

As always, Happy Gardening and happy shopping as well.  A more illustrative and picture oriented introduction to the store is being made and will be posted in couple of days.


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75 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful development! There could be nothing better for the gardening community. I will do my best to there on Sunday but anyway will be a regular and loyal customer.

  2. Gr8 to know this……now i know where to go shopping for my plants 🙂
    All the very best. Im sure it will be a big success.

  3. Wonderful news, GG!!! BTW, what about your day job?

    Can’t wait for the online store to show up.

  4. Please also open online store so that the person in other cities can also buy… best of luck for this venture and bring you fortune.

  5. Congratulations & all the best. I eagerly await the day when you’ll open your online store and start deliveries across the country 🙂

  6. Congrats….. All The Best… very few can make a profession out of hobby… was checking every day for this announcement

  7. Hi Geek Gardener,

    I was a silent follower of yr site, though I never commented on yr blog I refered it to all my friends, I was into gardening from past 4-5 years, your blog inspired me most of the time and all your posts were of great help. Good luck for your new venture. a small suggestion while adding online store…….. why don’t you add out of country facility too, in that way people like us who are away from home will get to buy seeds from our home country. Just give it a thought………

    • I was a silent follower of yr site, though I never commented on yr blog I refered it to all my friends, I was into gardening from past 4-5 years, your blog inspired me most of the time and all your posts were of great help. Good luck for your new venture. a small suggestion while adding online store…….. why don’t you add out of country facility too, in that way people like us who are away from home will get to buy seeds from our home country. Just give it a thought………

  8. Thank you so much GG. you’ve been inspiring all the while…..our best wishes and cheers….!!!

  9. Hi GG

    Heartfelt wishes and best of luck. I am eagerly looking for something like this in chennai and would definitely be visiting your store whenever i come to Bangalore.

    BTW : I have been following your blogs for the last one month and have already started my Balcony garden over the last 2 weeks in Tambaram . I took a lot of pain to source all materials and still they are not complete.

  10. Well, this is what i was waiting for …and an online store wld surely be helpful for people like me from other states …

    Keep up the good work …

  11. Heeeeey Congratulations… Good job… I would definitely come..Will the gardening tools be available too?

  12. Good news. I will request you to consider providing mailing service of some of the items. It is pretty far away from my place.

  13. You are one of the best gardeners and I love your site. Your Garden Guru is going to be the number one nursery in Karnataka. Congratulations.

  14. Hi, been trying to locate the store. Came twice looking for it but lost my way and no one is able to guide me. the map isnt very clear. can you give me directions from aiyappa temple bus stop?
    Looking forward to visiting the store.

  15. It was nice visiting your store. Will definitely be back for more soon.
    I was also interested in knowing the details of setting up a drip irrigation system, costs, pitfalls to look for etc etc. Would you be able to either hold a class or a blog post on that?

    • Hi Asha,

      Thanks for dropping by. Your idea is nice. I will conduct a small 1-2 hour workshop on Drip irrigation setup and the same can be recorded and posted on the website for outstation folks.

  16. Thanks everyone for the wishes and support. Wishing you all the best in the start of this growing season… If you haven’t started gardening, July-Aug is the best time to get started. Guess what, there is lot of rains and that means less watering your terrace garden..!

    Happy gardening

  17. Hi GG,

    It would be really useful if you could provide the price list along with the list of items mentioned in your post.


  18. Hi GG
    Great to know this. I am in dire need of nutrient solution. btw is there an option to courier it? I can pay by bank transfer.

  19. Hey Wonderful! I have been a silent er..lurker of your site for the last 1 month and am totaly amazed at how nice your garden is. Having had several failed attempts at growing vegetable plants, I now stick to only flowers and local plants. But having come across your site, I have new found zeal to start again and your store opening is the icing on the cake. I will definitely visit your store shortly. Thanks for sharing – Nita.

  20. sorry for the delay in wishing u for the new store. please mail me the availibility of diferent variety of seeds
    available with u now. Hope in future u will open more stores like this.
    thanking u,

  21. I live in Whitefield. How to reach Garden Guru by bus. I am afraid to drive as I am a new driver for Indian roads. I checked Google map couple of time, but didn’t get any idea.

    • You can check for Garden Guru in Google maps. I have checked the map and the location is correct. If you are coming from Whitefield, you come through the ring road and turn left at Jayadeva circle (that road is Banerghatta road). Go straight you will reach the first signal (go straight). From the next signal take a left (Bilekahalli). Go straight till you reach vijaya bank layout (7 storied buildings on both sides) you will reach a junction (on the right is EK retail). From that junction take left. Our shop is around 50 meters from end of that road on the right.


  22. Hi, I’m a newbie gardening enthusiast residing in Noida ( near Delhi). I chanced upon your site whilst looking for information on terrace gardening. Am keen to get some organic vegetable seeds…. How soon would your online shop be up and running? Or do you know of any place I could source these in Delhi? Also, is there anyone on this forum who resides close by and is willing to exchange information and encouragement?!

    • Hi
      You can send us an email and I will send you the list of products the store sells. We can send the products through parcel service. Our online shop is getting ready and hopefully will be ‘LIVE’ soon.


  23. Hi GG
    I had sent you a mail couple of days back with seed requirement and other stuff. Do send me a mail when you get a chance. I understand your are busy

  24. Hi,
    I am interested in buying seeds for our school farm.
    Kindly send me list of items you have on sale and if you do deliveries.


  25. Hi,
    Its been quite a while since i have started my own garden. It gives a sense of pride, to say that i reaped a rich harvest last year of close to 30 pumpkins 🙂 …

    I have had a great time with papaya since last year. It hasn’t picked up so far this year, because of ‘leaf curl’ and ‘stem rot’ diseases. Could you suggest a pesticide to cull this problem ? I stay in vijaynagar, you suggestions will be of great help for me.


  26. Congratulations on your new shop!
    surely seems Ahead of most places i’ve seen here in terms of its line of products
    I wish some of that stuff was easily available here.
    especially like the different grades of of coco-peat you’ve made available
    also all the organic stuff available !

    Wish you Luck!

  27. hi GG

    I have been following you since 2009 and its great to see the progress you are making.
    Wish you all the best in your new endeavor. Your energy is amazing.

    Hope to set up a kitchen garden myself one day in the future.

    Keep gardening and sharing the knowledge.

  28. Congratulations!!!!

    I’m new to this site. Really wonderful to see such a site for gardening. Brilliant to learn new techniques.

    Do you have any video here of your garden? Wanna see your garden set up.

    All the best. 🙂

  29. Hey,

    Do you sell pandan leaves via online site. I reside @ chennai, and I don’t find pandan leaves in nursery garden.

  30. Hi,

    I have a few plants at home (Mostly flower plants), but intend to grow kitchen vegetables also, but I cannot devote a lot of time for it.

    Please advise in this case and let me know if there is a possibility that I can make arrangements in spite of this.

    Thanks in advance

  31. am requested sir
    i want cherry tomato seeds. which varieties and hybrids available in ur store .please send me mail with cost per pocket and pocket size means grams .

  32. Hi,

    Am new to bangalore. I’m looking for miniature garden accessories. Is your store offering such products?

  33. Sir, I would like to get heirloom seeds of capsicum, carrot, beetroot online.

    Please advice.


  34. Hi

    I love this website…learning a lot on how to grow my own vegetables.Recently been to GardenGuru shop. I must say that the guy on the shop provides you good suggestion & inputs depending on your need. A must go shop if you are looking for things on organic terrace farming.


  35. Hi I was wondering if you are selling the NFT systems for cultivation of lettuces more specifically iceberg lettuce? Do you have any kind of a semi commercial system for this?


  36. Hello!!

    Could you please inform where to get Century Palms? its scientific name is Corypha umbraculifera.


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