It feels just few months back we had our previous kitchen garden day meetup and a whole year has passed by.  We had quite a gathering last year and it was so much fun. There was seed swapping, idea sharing and all in all it was a super casual, very information gardeners meetup.

This year, things got bigger and the number of gardeners have grown so much that poor GG’s house/greenhouse is just not enough to house all green-hungry gardeners. So I joined hands with Oota From your Thota folks for this event.”Oota from your thota” literally means Food from your garden.

This time the kitchen garden day is on Aug 26th 2012. Its  a Sunday, so more reason to drop by. The venue for the event is

Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind,
CA-1B, 3rd Cross, 3rd Phase, J P Nagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Pin: 560 078.

This time , we are putting up a stall in the event for all your gardening supplies/queries. All sorts of gardening products are available for sale. We are more than happy to answer all your queries. If you need anything specific, send us an email to


The whole of Garden Guru Team will be there at the stall. That means, our garden guru store in Bilekahalli, is closed this Sunday 26th Aug.

Also, there is a surprise for early birds to our stall.  Let me just say, get your gardening general knowledge polished… you might need it.

Once again, Garden guru welcomes you all to the Kitchen Day Celebration.

Check us out.

See you all at the event



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  1. GG! I am visitng this site after a long time. Lots of changed,looking marvelous, do keep posting. Yeah, I too am planning to attend this event, hope to meet you there.

  2. plz let me know do u guys deal online? m new to ur website n gardening world and live in joshimath, uttarakhand.

  3. Attended the event yesterday…very thrilled to see so many gardeners at one place…visited GG’s stall, ohhh it was heavy rush.Went a bit late, so couldn’t get the seeds of any herbs and green leafy vegetables( I was interested in buying them), as I was informed that they were sold out by d time I went there……but picked up other vegetable seeds, cocopeat 5 kg bale, neem oil and finally Panchagavya…..there were other stalls which consisted of selling organic items, pots, seeds, manure, seedlings, dailydump composting bins, a display and discussion of kitchen gardening etc….


  4. Hello GG

    Please let me know whether you have alfalfa pellets available with you and if yes can it be couriered to my place .

  5. Hi GG,
    Great event. Nice meeting you too.
    I came there thinking I will clarify all my queries.
    But you were too busy. I searched net for my queries and
    got answer for some. Please clarify whenever you have time.
    1. For bok choy sawing time in Bangalore.
    2. Leaf curl disease-Do I have to destroy the plant?
    3. Drip irrigation
    4. I had lettuce planted in soil n taste bitter. How is hydroponic lettuce taste?
    5. Is it healthy to use soilless medium and NPK?
    NB:My hubby and kids think I am addicted to your site.It is true too as I am reading all old post
    and not giving desktop even for school projects.BTW post on mushroom cultivation-I think drhameed is not following the thread now,Can u send an e-mail to him please?

  6. Hi GG,
    Am really amazed with your blog and gardening activities.
    I am a beginner in gardening (though gardening for a year now). Started with a red rose and now have two roses, jasmine, marigold, okra, potato, broad beans, basil and a few herbs.
    I use equal amount of red soil and goat manure bought from nursery.
    Are they not sufficient for gardening? Should I redo my potting mix?
    I learned from a few websites as to how to make compost. So started collecting all uncooked kitchen waste and paper towels (as you have indicated once in your blog). Should the compost bin be kept open or closed? In sun or shade? I have a few holes in the bin. Anything else to add to the compost? How to add them to the mix?
    The bin is fullllll of ants and neighbours are complaining now about ants and the smell (especially during rainy days).
    I am excited about the “technical terms” gardeners use in your blog – NPK, perlite, 19:19:19…. Am totally clueless of what they are, where to get from and how to use.
    I have plenty of coconut fibres at home? Can you pl tell how to make cocopeat at home and how to use them for gardening?
    What are the tasks I should do apart from watering?
    Most of my pots are dwelling for ants. I understood that the situation was worse when I tried to redo the mix in a pot for a new seed starting.
    My broad beans gave 2 beans but now all the flowers have wilted. The plant is full of black grainy stuff. How to cure????
    Where am I going wrong? I am in a big time hunt for anti-ants solution 🙂
    Sorry, if I’ve landed in a wrong forum. Could wait for a solution…

    Thanks a ton for what you’ve been doing!!!


  7. hello sir,,
    i stay near ITPL.after reading ur articles i started my vegetable growing with brinjal.bought one packet seeds from nearby they started flowering.but from last week some white kind of small pests r comng like they r all over its stems.
    they r like small cotton bits.what i should spray on them to kill that.anything available in ur store ?

  8. hi,
    is there something like that in mumbai…..
    am super new to all this….need help with where to begin even,,,any help or guidance will be welcome and appreciated
    thanks eagerly awaiting your reply

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