Trellising tomatoes using the tomato hook and tomato clips

Please check out this video I made on Trellising tomato plants.

If you are growing indeterminate or vine tomatoes, they will have to be supported due to their tall growing nature. Trellising tomato plants is done either by a stick or a twine. Twine is the most commonly used method for trellising tomato plants.

In this video, we are going to demonstrate how to trellis a tomato plant using a twine, tomato clip and an overhead wire. The overhead wire has to be strong enough to hold the weight of all the plants it is going to support.


The twine themselves have to be strong and resitant to UV rays. This will ensure that they dont get cut off during hot summers.

We use a tomato clip to fasten the twine at the bottom of the tomato plant. The clip has barbs to not slip off the twine. The twine is wound clockwise or counter-clockwise but stick to one direction for the entire height of the plant. Whereever winding is not possible, a tomato clip can be used to tie it to the plant.

When the plant reaches to the top overhead wire, the tomato hook is inverted to allow additional twine to extend and the location of the tomato hook on the overhead wire is moved horizontally. This method is called Lower and Lean method of training tomatoes.

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  1. Great inputs Mani. Nace to see ur video on trellising of tomato. Do u have video on pelletizing the seeds? GL Bansal

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