A week without Panchagavya and many of my plants have become dinner to a mysterious rodent/pest that eats the whole leaf, cuts stem and just leaves the stump. For seedlings nothing remains. I was hurt badly looking at the destruction caused by that creature. I still dont know what it is and seems to only come in the night.

The small bottle of panchagavya I had , got over and While I was on the lookout for Panchagavya source, I found this website. www.green-lands.com . I spoke to the person who runs this website Mrs Lalitha Ramakrishnan. I became her fan. She has a Goshala ( A place for cows) that shelters about 100+ cows which otherwise would have ended up in Slaughter houses. I must say there cannot be a holier thing on earth to do than saving a cow. With such a high number of cows, managing the whole thing is a herculian task.

She is very passionate about animals and loves what she does. Being an animal lover myself, I was very happy for having known such a person. Next month I am going to visit her Goshala and spend some time there. Also, she promised me that she will teach me how to make vermiwash and panchagavya. Though I will learn how to make them, I will still buy from them.

Why am I so interested in panchagavya? Here is why!

Panchagavya makes lots of difference to your plants. Typically the inorganic way of cultivation goes like this..

1. Buy seeds/cuttings

2. Sow them/root them.

3. When they start, spray weak solution of fertilizer, oh! and dont forget 1% fungicide.

4. When the grow, feed them with X-Y-Z NPK and more fungicide and insecticide.

5. When the flower, more NPK, more insecticide and by that we kill the good insects also.

With panchagavya, its as simple as this.

1. Just spray 3% panchagavya weekly. Thats all. Its fungicide, insecticide, pesticide, growth promoter, root promoter.

My chrysanthemum bush was haunted and ruled by aphids so much that we thought of destroying the whole plant. Initially I sprayed with dishsoap+oil spray and it got rid of the aphids for couple of days and my plant leaves became so dry and unnatural. Then after a couple of more days, aphids ruled. I almost gave up until I saw panchagavya.

I sprayed it twice a week and no aphids till this moment and the leaves look so green that looking at them feels good.

Panchagavya for life.!!

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