Its almost a month since I planted those spinach seeds and I thought I will post some pictures today. As i already mentioned they are grown in a mix that has vermiculite, compost, coir dust in the ratio 1:1:1.

So here they are.



One of the things I learned during this seed starting is that the quality of compost used is very important.Since that is the only source of nutrients in this mix. I used BioFarm available in Lalbagh. I am not sure, its pure compost or they add some fertilizer to make it “enriched”. When I opened the bag, it looked so dry and very powdery and had a chemical smell. If it had chemicals, I am sure that microbes and all those living organisms for which we use compost are dead.

I am sure if i had used red soil/loam, I would have gotten much better results. But I have been trying to come up with a soil mix thats very light in weight. This way moving around the pots is much easier and so is repotting.

Another new addition to my garden is Asparagus Fern. I requested that plant from my office and the gardener was kind enough to give me a plant. Thanks to him


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  1. Yum. Hope they taste good. They look so fresh. Homegrown food are always special, right? Did you use Panchakavya on them? BTW, you once mentioned that Panchakavya is available in Chennai. Can you tell me as to where? I’ll be so grateful!

  2. Hi Chandramouli,

    Sorry for the delay in reply, it was a long week in office.

    Yes they look very fresh but I just feel their size is not upto those I see in the market. May be I didnt provide enough nutrients along with the pot mix. I did not use panchagavya on them as I dont have it with me right now. I need to purchase it.

    As i said It is available in chennai and I will be glad to tell you where.

    You can contact Mrs Lalitha Ramakrishnan.: +91 – (0)44 – 24660634 / +91 – (0)44 – 24996437.


  3. Hi GG,

    I am planning to grow spinach and asparagus. Is it a good time to grow?If so where will I get plants? Or is it seeds?
    I am very big fan of Asparagus. Please write about growing Asparagus.

    • Hi Sahana,

      I haven’t tried asparagus but I have tried spinach many times and was successful. Spinach seeds are very cheap and is available in Lalbagh( Called Palak). I will definitely try growing asparagus and write about it :). Thanks for the motivation.


  4. Hi Sir
    Am awed by your garden and your intrest in the same
    I have few plants and want to expand my garden
    But my doubt is the potting soil/mix used
    I have tried reading so many post,each one gives a different mixture receipe
    how do I decide which mix to use for each plant?
    please help..and also do u have tomato sappling still for sale?

  5. Hi,

    I too am a bit confused about the medium for spinach. I’m a first time gardener and bought seeds from the Oote from my Thota event today. You mention a 1:1:1 ratio here, but in your video I think you are using all cocopeat. The person I bought the cocopeat from says that its mix ratio should be redsoil : cocopeat: compost as 1: .5 : .5 The cocopeat was a brick which I need to immerse in water to expand.

    Also when you ‘thin’ out the spinach, do you plant the other saplings in another tray, or ust throw them away?

    How should I save my seeds packet till the next plantation? Outside or in the fridge?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  6. I am a bit confused as to how often should I water my plants which are growing in a cocopeat medium mixed with soil ,Vermicompost and dung.

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